Contributor: Stupid Monkey Planet

Greenlee Gazette is largely a one-man show. But I am often helped with links from readers, from The Other Half, from my sister Jennifer, from my friend Tracy and others. But when it comes to the majority of posts that do not originate with me, no one tops Stupid Monkey Planet.

SMP is a co-worker and friend of mine for over a decade. He's got a nimble but depraved mind, so he fits in well here. He's anonymous here by tradition, but also because I think he's going to eventually spin-off on his own, with his own space. And I'd rather his identity--should he want to reveal it--be unveiled in his own way.

His contributions have been invaluable, especially when I'm away on vacation or otherwise unable to post. And his regular suggestions have helped me flesh the blog out on those days when I'm lacking motivation.
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