Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Gay Thing: CDC Gay Study Seems a Little Off

I was going to write a bit about this subject, a survey with findings I'm really not believing, but I had an unexpected work night. So let's leave the commentary to the pros. . .


About that new federal study saying gays are 3%

So, about this new federal study that claims that gays are around 3% of the population. Yeah, not so much. In fact, this study shows what every previous study shows — not how many gay and bisexual people there are in America, but how many people were willing to tell a complete stranger that they’re gay or bisexual. And that’s a huge difference. . .

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  1. Ok, if this survey is inaccurate, then make it accurate. Fact is that we will never know how many gay people are out there. I think the 10% is a made up number. For 10% to be accurate, then you need over 3x more people saying they are gay. I say that is not possible.

  2. Dan, I had a whole response typed to you, and then Google ate it. >grumble<

    Suffice to say, my lived experience over almost 50 years (in several vocations and locations) shows me that gay people just aren't that rare. And so long as every gay person goes through a period of the closet, to themselves, others, and especially strangers with surveys, every attempt to measure them is bound to underrepresent.


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