Monday, April 6, 2015

2016 GOP Clown Car Update #1

Tuesday, Sen. "Dr." Rand Paul (KY) is supposed to be joining Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) in the GOP 2016 Republican clown car. Every four years, I think the load of clowns can't get more ridiculous, but while compiling the graphic here, I came up with 15 serious* contenders, and can see a lot of crazy going on there. There is not--yet--a Michele Bachmann or a Herman Cain, though some batshittery is sure to fly out of one of their mouths to give us a clue as to who will have the heaviest comedy quotient. Of course, there is Rick (don't Google me) Santorum to kick around again. I'll try to update this list as people are added, as they declare, and as they bow out.

This could be very entertaining. And terrifying.

*Incidentally, typing "serious" in explaining this bunch is perhaps not the best word choice, I know.

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