Monday, December 28, 2015

Greenlee Gazette Returns. . .Sort Of.

Well, hellllooo, blogosphere! Anything happen while I was away? Yes, I took a family trip out of state for Christmas, and didn't even give notice on the blog. As you probably have ascertained, this here corner of the interwebz doesn't get the attention it should. I have no intention of closing it down, but I've also given up on the notion of it ever being a full-fledged daily obsession anymore either. As long as Google keeps the Blogger platform running, Greenlee Gazette will live on. But the dozen or two posts-per-month average is likely to remain about the norm, unless something in life changes, and I get refocused on it.

So please, do stop by from time to time. Just don't be surprised if there are only a few choice brain nuggets here! I'll at least try to make a few of them interesting! Definitely some new stuff tomorrow.


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