Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NY Daily News Slams GOP Presidential Candidates on San Bernardino Response

I almost didn't write up anything on this, only our most recent mass shooting this week. But tomorrow's New York Daily News has a take so refreshing, I had to say something. As is usual, the GOP presidential candidates (who still number in the teens) offered up platitudes about prayer in response to the shooting in San Bernardino. As an atheist, my cynical side rolls its eyes, and says, "Well, that's the least you can do. The very least."

But hold up, several of these guys are actually in the House of Representatives and Senate. They can do more than pray, they can do something meaningful about it, if they wanted to. So, why don't they? Because they're terrified of their own base, and the NRA.


New York Daily News Rips GOP Leaders For “Meaningless Platitudes” In Wake Of Mass Shooting

Over the last few years the New York Daily News has devoted countless screaming headlines which denounced the NRA, its head Wayne LaPierre, and many other gun control opponents. . .

Source: Joe.My.God.


  1. Well, it sure beats Obama and Hillary's approach- blame guns, blame guns and blame more guns.
    Even though this case is a case of muslim terrorism and would have happened regardless of any more gun control laws.
    And at least, the GOP offered prayers to the victims and their families and friends. Hillary? Not a damn thing.

    1. We are getting to the point where we don't have time to bury the bodies from the previous mass shooting before we have another one. There comes a point where our legislators should be doing more than throwing up their hands, and offering #ThoughtsAndPrayers. Thoughts and prayers do absolutely nothing to prevent the next one. They do absolutely nothing, from my point of view *period.* I don't fault people for wanting to express sorrow and grief, and there just isn't much that can be said. I get that. But at this point, YES, it's time--long past time--to talk about guns.

      You've known me long enough to know that I was raised around guns, and for most of my life had no real position on gun control. I was Switzerland. It is *impossible* to remain that way, and impossible to side with the NRA at this point. The answer from them is always MORE guns. And even the barest whisper of legislative adjustment of ANY kind is "GUN GRABBER!!!!" Even though there has been next to zero actual gun grabbing. Obama was allegedly going to come get all the guns and put the gun nuts in FEMA camps. It's year SEVEN, Dan, when is that allegedly going to happen?

      Would any legislation on easy access to guns or ammunition have stopped this particular case? Unknown. Would it make future attacks more difficult? I'd sure like to see them at least ATTEMPT to try, rather than shrug and pray. I'm with Hillary and Barack on this one, and have no shyness about saying that. Except I'd like to see them follow their words with concrete action.

      As for this being a case of Muslim terrorism. . .maybe it was. From this morning's news, all I know is that it might have been motivated by their religion. Maybe more will come out about that. But if you're going to label this one that way, be prepared to label the previous attack on Planned Parenthood as Christian terrorism.


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