Monday, March 21, 2016

Blogging Blahs Persist: State of the Union is F@#%ed

Though  it is clear that my passion for blogging my every stray thought flagged some time ago, I did give an effort until relatively recently at keeping the page current. Somewhere during this ridiculously long 2016 campaign, the ludicrousness of the proceedings seems to have sapped whatever remaining urge to write I did once have.

This weekend, I actually have an excuse. I had a memorial 1000 miles away for a friend who was far too young to pass unexpectedly. But, in the past, I would have come roaring back, eager to opine on the latest crazed happening. But I keep circling back to: what more is there to say?!

On the right, we have three remaining candidates from the previous clown car, all terrible in their own right, for their own terrible reasons. There is a delicious civil war going on in there, but it has practically consumed all other news already, and is being hashed and rehashed relentlessly.

On the left, there is a different civil war of sorts afoot: two decent candidates with similar voting records, but with seemingly irreconcilable allegiances of their own. Basically, there are three groups, fervent Bernie Sanders supporters who love their candidate almost beyond reason, to the point of trashing his competition, and her followers at every opportunity. You've got Hillary Clinton supporters, not quite as fervent, but sometimes getting nasty in return. And you've got "blue, no matter who" supporters of either Clinton or Bernie who may have allegiances one way or the other, but in no mood to fight over it.

I find myself in the last group: leaning Clinton, but wanting to smack upside the head liberal groups 1 and 2 (mostly 1), for allowing this idiotic fight to pull any attention from the clusterfuck going on in Right Wing World. We don't need it. Clinton vs. Sanders is a no brainer: either one will do, vs. the absolute insanity of voting for anyone on the right. Purists whine and bitch about establishment this, and "lesser of two evils," and blah, blah. Sorry, no. There is quite simply no contest with SCOTUS at stake. None. Blue, no matter who.

Still, the urge to blog has been the barest tug. I'm here, because it's been a week, and I don't want the blog to die. But I can't promise I'll do a lot better, unless something really lights my fire about something. But again, I'll try.

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  1. I have a YUUUUGE bag of popcorn ready to go during the Cincinnati convention. I don't mean to sound callous and if it plays out like most pundits are predicting people are going to get hurt—or worse—but if it spells the end of the republican party, it's the enema this country needs.


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