Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Samantha Bee Puts "Creation" of Trump Squarely on. . .Democrats?

For a while now, conversation in my house has been over the fact that Donald Trump's ascendency is a result of an out-of-control Republican Party building their own Frankenstein's Monster. The main difference ironically being that the angry villagers are actually on his side.

Former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee (via her new TBS program, Full Frontal) correctly finds Frankenstein's ancestor: and he is us. In other words, Democrats, who stayed home and ignored the 2010 election. I warned about this myself in several blog posts (to my admittedly tiny corner of the internets), but couldn't ever have foreseen what it would lead to. Samantha's right of course, but only partially. Lazy Democrats enabled the already angry, frothy GOP base to rise to the top and take over the mainstream. They furthered this effort by repeating their sloth-like behavior in 2014.

There's something less sexy about mid-term elections to swaths of Democrats. And let's face it. The only time you hear laments about our two-party system, is when we're down to the wire. Nobody seems willing to build up third or fifth national parties in the off-years. The only ones chugging away in those years, running the long game? Republicans. And as feckless and gormless as they can be, they're really good at the long game.


Samantha Bee Skewers Lazy Democrats Who "Built" Donald Trump

On Monday night, late night host Samantha Bee said Democrats should shoulder some of the blame for Donald Trump, the billionaire reality show star who is likely to become the Republican Party's presidential nominee. . .

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