Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Donald Trump Again Easily Baited into Tweeting up a Storm

Ladies and gentlemen, the future President of the United States:

Sooooo presidential.


  1. Umm, ok. We have a lying newspaper who is called out by Trump. Welcome to the new way of doing business. Trump is going over the head of the media, especially those who lie about him.

  2. I see it this way: a transition team that doesn't know what it's doing, working for a man who is in way over his head. And Trump is so hyper-sensitive that it might be seen that way, he's got to go tweet about it, in an overly braggadocious way. And can't resist getting that "failing" dig in there on the NYT. In truth, the transition team keeps failing to fill out the proper paperwork to get things done, hasn't contacted departments like, oh, the CIA, Homeland Security, etc. He's childish, and unpresidential. He's got a "new way of doing things" because he doesn't know what he's doing. He was even unaware that he had to re-staff the White House.


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