Friday, November 11, 2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren on What Comes Next

Image from Huffington Post
I love this woman. I can't express how much, she's just awesome. So awesome, that I really think if she'd been the candidate or if she had been the running mate, we might have had a very different outcome on Tuesday night. I am all in if she runs in 2020, and think of the slogans that could go with that number! She's tremendous.


President-Elect Donald Trump

This wasn’t a pretty election. In fact, it was ugly, and we should not sugarcoat the reason why. Donald Trump ran a campaign that started with racial attacks and then rode the escalator down. He encouraged a toxic stew of hatred and fear. He attacked millions of Americans. And he regularly made statements that undermined core values of our democracy.

And he won. He won — and now Latino and Muslim-American children are worried about what will happen to their families. LGBT couples are worried that their marriages could be dissolved by a Trump-Pence Supreme Court. Women are worried that their access to desperately needed health services will disappear. Millions of people in this country are worried, deeply worried. And they are right to be worried. . .

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  1. She would have lost because in my lifetime, after having a 2 term presidents, their party almost loses. The exception is Reagan Bush and then Bush was 1 term president.

  2. Who knows? As it stands, Hillary is predicted to have won TWO MILLION more votes than Donald Trump. Can you imagine if the results had been the exact opposite? The accusations of rigging? You know I'm right!


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