Friday, June 29, 2012

Tea Party (and Others) Totally Lose their S**T Over Obamacare Ruling

Crazy is as crazy does. Image from Raw Story.
Honestly, tea baggers? This is the end of America as we know it? The final straw that sends you to armed rebellion (like you'd have a chance against the U.S. military)? I think you all need to take a break from the Limbaugh and the Hannity and the Levin and the Savage. Step away from the radio and the FOX "News." Take a nice little political and "news" vacation. It's summer, after all.

"Obamacare" is not a new thing. The only thing that changed from Wednesday to today is that it was ruled Constitutional. The SCOTUS didn't just make this all happen, you can relax a little, it's been in place for two years already. Unclench. And maybe after your little vacay, you'll come back a little less wound up. This is not the end of America. This is not some sort of thermonuclear Armageddon.  Most likely, if your panties weren't in such a wad about it, you'd barely notice it. It's kind of like having auto insurance. You're required by law to have it, and that doesn't have you in such a twist.

Honestly. The the talk radio fire-breathers above? It's their job to get you riled up, and in such a state. They exaggerate, conflate, twist and skew everything going on in America to be something that is as frightening as possible, and geared to make you angry as hell.

This afternoon on Sean Hannity's radio show, I heard him tell his audience that liberals have made it their mission--since the late 1800s!--to destroy the Constitution. That is addle-brained, fever-dream, conspiracy theory nonsense. Either Sean believes it, and is a total nutbar, or he doesn't, and has nothing but contempt for his audience. He's feeding you rage and fear, and you're eating it up. And the disease has spread to Capitol Hill. It's no longer confined to the fringe. I'm begging you. . .Relax. Decompress. Chillax. Step off, before you go off.


Tea Party leader calls for ‘insurrection’ against Obamacare

Numerous Republicans have expressed discontent with the Supreme Court’s upholding of the Affordable Care Act, but it took a Tea Party leader to imply that the decision could justify a new Civil War. Mississippi Tea Party Chairman Roy Nicholson posted a statement at his group’s website on Friday proclaiming that “the US Supreme Court has joined with the Executive and Legislative branches of the federal government in abandoning the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and with that ruling abandoned the People. . .”

Read more at: The Raw Story

Dow Soars, Day After Obamacare Ruling!

Image from
Hmmm. . .is that headline a little out of context? Is anything else going on today that would make the Dow go up? Yes, there's an EU decision. But you know what? It doesn't really matter. All economic diviners and prognosticators are guessing nearly all  the time.

On Thursday, after the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare, several economic indicators plunged precipitously. Right-wing World--rocked to its core by the decision to uphold the ACA--seized upon that fact, and put up charts and graphs showing the plunge. They were upset, dammit, but they could say, "See! I told you so!" Yeah, not so much. Forget that the Dow can go up or down in 200-point swings on any given day for any--or no--reason. Forget that on Thursday, it only ended up 20-some-odd points down. Forget that when it goes down during good news, business reporters will say it "dropped, despite" the good news. Forget that when something good happens and it goes up, they use imprecise language, like "stocks are up, amid news that. . ." It's all guess work, and they don't have to be right, like, ever.

So, however the twitchy Wall Street investors got after SCOTUS shook the world yesterday, they apparently got over it fast. Today--as I type this--we're up over 200 points, far exceeding yesterday's drop-off. And by the end of business, it could be over 200, under 100, or up 300. I don't know. You don't know. The CNBC and FOX "Business" channel don't know. But the last two will act like they do. Note the imprecise language below. They don't attribute the sharp stock rise to anything. It's "on the final trading day," "as a surprise agreement" happened, and it "overshadowed" the consumer sentiment report. All speculation.


Stocks Hold Sharp Gains on EU Deal; RIM Skids

Stocks held sharp gains across the board on the final trading day of the second quarter as a surprise agreement by EU leaders to help the region's struggling banks overshadowed a disappointing consumer sentiment report. . . .

Read more at: CNBC

Michael Weiner Savage: Chief Justice Roberts' Decision Due to Epilepsy Medicine

What a Weiner. Image from source, Raw Story.
One of the most fun things about news that rubs the right-wing the wrong way, is the whack-a-doodle justifications that come spewing from talk radio, FOX "News" and the blogosphere. They are many and varied at first, before they congeal into "group think." But it's the early hours and days, where you get crazy outliers, like this one from unlistenable talker, Michael Weiner Savage.


Michael Savage: Epilepsy medication to blame for Roberts’s health care ruling

Conservative radio host Michael Savage believes he knows why Chief Justice John Roberts joined the liberal justices to uphold President Barack Obama’s health care reform law: “cognitive problems” due to epilepsy medication. . .

Read more at: Raw Story

Ohio's Jean Schmidt and Her Schadenfreude-Gasm

Actually, what do you call schadenfreude caused by a woman who is experiencing what she thinks is schadenfreude, but what is about to turn to bitter disappointment? Whatever it is, it definitely deserves the orgasm suffix, because what else do you call this display? Mean Jean Schmidt, suckered by CNN and/or FOX "News." Sorry girl. No, I'm not. . .

Thursday, June 28, 2012

CNN Unhappy With Itself After Obamacare Fumble

Uhhh. . .no. Not so much. Image from Buzzfeed.
I'm actually kind of glad that I was listening to a CBS News radio station, and didn't get the big fake-out that Obamacare had been ruled unconstitutional when it hadn't. On the other hand, I wonder what that moment would have felt like, being very disappointed, only to learn moments later. . .fooled ya! It's upheld! That was probably an interesting sensation. But surely not so fun in reverse, for conservatives.

And even less fun if you work for CNN--who blew the story--or FOX "News" (nah, they probably don't care), and those in the media who picked up CNN's blunder.


CNN News Staffers Revolt Over Blown Coverage

News staffers at the cable network CNN, long the gold standard in television news, were on the verge of open revolt Thursday after CNN blew the coverage on the most consequential news event of the year.  As Chief Justice John Roberts began reading his decision on the future of President Obama's health care overhaul, the CNN team inside the courtroom jumped the gun, believing that Roberts was saying the individual mandate was unconstitutional and would be overturned. . .

Read more at: Buzzfeed

Republicans Delete Celebratory Tweets on "Obamacare" Decision

For a little while on Thursday morning, many people--even the President--thought that the Affordable Care Act (or, oh-so creatively, "Obamacare") had been rule unconstitutional. CNN heard the first bit of the ruling, misinterpreted it, and ran with it. One wonders if it was worded that way on purpose by whoever typed it up, to dangle that red meat, and then snatch it back! So, tea baggers and the like-minded, had an orgasmic moment, and they took advantage of it. . .and very quickly had to take it back. Oops.


I'm sorry they're not a little juicier, I'll admit. But wait until I find that Jean Schmidt clip!
Source: BuzzFeed

Not so "Fast and Furious?"

I didn't get into reading this story until almost bedtime, but it's looking to be something of a big story. I am always deeply suspicious of whatever has Right-wing World spinning off its axis, and Fast and Furious seemed like mostly a bunch of caterwauling by conservative bloggers to me.* And now it is looking like it may be just that. Except that with tea partiers like Darrell Issa in Congress, the fringe has become mainstream.


Not So Fast And Furious

There has been a storm brewing in the right-wing blogosphere for months. Accusations of corruption and conspiracy have been flying about in regards to the department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearm’s (ATF) program titled “Fast and Furious.” If you listened to the blogosphere, the ATF was knowingly handing the guns to dangerous criminals. . .

Read more at: Addicting Info

Read the original investigation at: Fortune

Read the rebuttal at (ugh): Townhall

*I'm aware that an agent died in this whole thing, and I don't mean to minimize that. I don't think anybody defends Fast and Furious as a good idea (not even the movies). But it has been blown up by the right, into something it may not be. And the conspiracy part about it being a ploy for Obama to impose gun control is just loopy.

Today is Make or Break for "Obamacare"

Wow. How embarrassing. Image
from source, Think Progress.
UPDATE: Whew! Upheld, almost entirely. Cool, cool. Many conservatives severely butt-hurt about it, cool, cool. And looks like I was right about the issue of the mandate being a tax. Cool!


And by make or break, I mean possibly broken apart, or broken altogether. Or maybe--just maybe--it will be upheld. As it pertains to healthcare, I'm currently covered by my husband's company's plan. Score one for inclusive corporations. So, I'm not impacted by the decision either way, at least not as things stand. But I know there are lots of people who are enjoying some health care improvements, such as having adult children on their plans until 26, or the moratorium on preexisting conditions.

The truth is, when the separate parts of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare came from Hillarycare linguistically, and Romneycare genetically) are explained, people really like them. Dress them up with the Obamacare name, and inject some Rush Limbaugh-isms, and it has a very low approval rating. Big surprise. And don't tell me that Republicans pushed this Supreme Court battle "for the American people." It was done to get President Obama on his signature achievement. The "individual mandate" was a Republican idea, originally, after all. And it amounts to a tax. Thanks and congratulations will go to Grover Norquist for it not being called that. Who elected him?

So, one way or the other, this is going to be big news today, all weekend, on the Sunday talk shows, and through next week. Whichever way it goes, it's going to be used by both sides in probably many elections. Unlike many of the other issues of the week or two, this one is going to have lasting impact. And thanks to an oopsie, we already know how it's going to be reported, in each possible outcome! At least from the Chicago Sun-Times. Like the ending of the movie Clue, there are multiple endings to this story, all pre-written, and accidentally released. And in each case, there is a downside for Obama! Liberal media my ass. . . .

How Not To Write About Tomorrow’s Supreme Court Decision

Earlier today, the Chicago Sun-Times accidentally posted a pre-written story on tomorrow’s pending Affordable Care Act decision in the Supreme Court, which included ready-to-go intro paragraphs for several possible outcomes. . .

Read them all at: Think Progress

Rolling Stone Profiles Rachel Maddow

I know that the blog is a little top-heavy lately with a couple of subjects, namely stuff that happened on The Stephanie Miller Show, or alternatively, on The Rachel Maddow Show. Why such fascination with witty lesbians? I know, I know. Summer blogging is something of a slog, and my topics can get boiled down and reduced to the basics. But indulge me on this one post.

See, I really like Maddow. But often, when I read anything about her, I don't recognize the person they're talking about. Particularly if the story is from a right-leaning writer (or if they have appeared in abundance in the comments section). Commentators will make one of a very few stale jokes (she looks like a dude, something about lesbians, or just Mad Cow), and writers will use adjectives that don't fit, like shrew, brittle, shrill or angry. She is rarely any of those things. The Rolling Stone article below actually captures the real Maddow. I haven't entered the comments section though.


Rachel Maddow's Quiet War

. . .From the start, Maddow's brand is not so much out lesbian or angry liberal, but full-on nerd: the chunky black glasses, the flailing limbs. She doesn't seem to care much about the question that Olbermann has fixed on: So just who is Sarah Palin? "We don't know very much about Governor Palin," Maddow says, when Olbermann finally gives her a chance to speak. "She's basically been a human-interest story in terms of the political press in this country thus far." Then she moves on to what really interests her: not politics as personality but politics as mechanism, not who is winning power but what is being done with it. . .

Read more: Rolling Stone

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4th Anniversary for Greenlee Gazette Editor's Big Gay Marriage!

The only time I ever use the term "gay marriage" is in internet discussions, because that is the colloquial term most used. "Same-sex marriage" is a little more descriptive, but still cumbersome. "Marriage equality" is now the preferred term by supporters. The decidedly odd opposition (I mean really, who dedicates their life to trying to stop other peoples' weddings, outside of a soap opera?) has more colorful, but usually badly descriptive terms. I just call mine a marriage.

But I'd be lying if I said that my fourth marriage anniversary with The Other Half is a huge event. We've been together for 14-1/2 years. We got married in Palm Springs just a few weeks short of 10-1/2 years together. So "four" sounds kind of silly. And there was no pomp nor circumstance at our wedding. Just a couple of friends, and later, dinner at a Mexican restaurant with them. The date was chosen because we were nearly certain that Prop. 8 was going to pass, and make the possibility disappear, at least in a nearby state. We already felt "married," but on June 27, we made it official.  And, of course, the busybodies (armed with bucketloads of cash from the Mormon and Catholic churches) managed to convince enough Californians to squash marriage equality in the state.

Our marriage is still valid in the states where same-sex marriage is still legal. In some of the states that have legalized it, the busybodies are at work again, trying to reverse it. Why, I have no idea. This is no longer a hypothetical concept. We're real, married couples. And the sky didn't fall. "God" didn't swallow up those states. And to what end? Even if my marriage did get nullified by voters (and in America, can you imagine that concept?), are we going to split up? No. Are we going to stop being gay? No. Stop loving each other? No.

I started this post with the intention of merely commenting on my anniversary, and saying "I love you honey" to The Other Half. But posts on this blog are read by many who never comment, never tell me they were here. This is an important issue, and I think it needs to be reiterated again and again. If you take nothing else from this post, remember this: Gay people aren't looking for "holy matrimony." If we wanted a church wedding, there are already denominations who will accommodate that. We're looking for nothing more than civil marriage equality. Civil marriages only include religion if you want them to. Unless you're going to try and stop atheist and interfaith marriages.

Orly Taitz Gets to Finish on The Stephanie Miller Show

Image from HuffPo
After a back-and-forth of commentary on The Stephanie Miller Show, about Orly Taitz, followed by an internet message from Orly about Steph (and so on), a meeting was finally set up. The on-air crew was skeptical that the birther queen would actually show up, but she ultimately did.

I heard the interview on the radio at work, so I'm kind of sorry that this video clip is so short. It was actually quite a good interview, with Steph asking questions in a measured, cool way. Not respectful, not exactly. I mean, could you pull that off? But she managed not to ruffle Orly's feathers while getting some digs in.

The whole birther conspiracy theory ought to have played out by now, since their entire premise is shaky. There is zero evidence that Mrs. Obama was ever in Kenya, and it is difficult to put together any story that would make sense. In addition, every part of their splintered, multi-track conspiracy theory has been debunked (go here, if you don't believe me). So, Orly is singing a tired song. Still, it was entertaining radio.


Orly Taitz Compares Self To Nelson Mandela and Thurgood Marshall, Accuses Obama's Mother Of Fraud

Birther queen Orly Taitz compared herself to Nelson Mandela and Thurgood Marshall, claimed President Barack Obama could be deported and accused Obama's mother of fraud during a radio interview Tuesday morning. . .

Read more at: Huffington Post

Vice President Biden: Romney is a Job Creator. . .in China

Vice President Joe Biden must throw the White House into a bit of a panic anytime he's scheduled to speak publicly. It's not so much that he's really wrong, more that he's liable to phrase the truth badly, or just too bluntly. His gaffes--and there are lots of them--seem to me to be his mouth getting ahead of his brain. A smart guy with less of a filter than a VP probably should have.

But when he's right? He's freakin' right.


Biden says Romney good at creating jobs — in China

Vice President Joe Biden kept the pressure on Mitt Romney’s White House bid Tuesday, lampooning the Republican as an expert at job creation — in rival China and growing economic power India. . .

Read more at: The Raw Story

Rand Paul Tries to Put Conception Amenment to Flood Bill

Image from source, Think Progress
Okay, you guys, just stop it. Stop it, right now! Yes, we know that you care about almost nothing besides abortion, and gettin' the black dude out of the White House. But it's getting old.

The first time I saw a story about a "personhood" bill, I thought it was just sloppy. They couldn't really want to give a zygote full-human-being status, could they? They can't really believe that there is a full-fledged human the day after you've had sex. . .right? But they do. They couldn't really have meant to outlaw some forms of contraception in the process, that was just unfortunate verbiage. Right? Nope, turns out the really crazed anti-abortion crusaders do want contraception banned.

But it doesn't play very well when put to a vote. It lost in Mississippi of all places, badly. And yet they keep trying. While the GOP racked up many victories in 2010, they did it on the promise of jobs, jobs, jobs. On which, they've done nothing. It's all abortion, all the time!


Republican Senator Tries To Add Conception Amendment To Flood Insurance Bill

Floods and abortions are distinctly different topics — except to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who is trying to attach an anti-choice amendment to the Senate’s flood insurance bill. . .

Read more at: Think Progress

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dan Savage Calls Out "GOProud" and Other Gay Republicans

I have friends who call themselves gay Republicans. While I like them as people, I can't pretend to understand their political affiliation. It's basically a purse over handbag sort of thing: money trumps the gay. Now, I can sympathize with people who say things like, "does he have to be so gay all the time? Everything's about the gay. Gay, gay, gay!" Yes, we all know somebody who is "on" all the time. Most gay people don't think about gay issues nearly as much as your typical anti-gay voter, to be honest. We're just living our lives.

But, if your candidate is against gay marriage, supports DOMA, wants to re-introduce "don't ask, don't tell," is against ENDA, and supports the rights of the religious to discriminate in the open market, and you are gay yourself? You're a quisling. You're a turncoat. You're a traitor. Aren't you? Somebody explain to me how you aren't? It's one thing to say, "I'm not a single-issue voter," but another to vote against your own self interest. I will never understand gay Republicans.


Image from TalkingPointsMemo
On Booze, Meth, Suicide... and GOProud

. . .Which kindasorta brings me to my recent dustup with GOProud. The hard-right gay Republican organization—a rightwing front group that exists to pinkwash the GOP—endorsed Mitt Romney last week. Romney, of course, opposes marriage equality. Romney supports DOMA. Romney has pledged to write anti-gay bigotry into the U.S. Constitution. Romney opposed the repeal of DADT. Romney opposes the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). Romney opposes adoptions by same-sex couples. GOProud's endorsement of Romney, while not a surprise, was annoying, and it prompted me to send out this tweet: "The GOP's house faggots grab their ankles, right on cue. Pathetic. . ."

Read more at: The Stranger

SCOTUS Kills 100-year-old Montana Campaign Finance Law

Ladies and gentlemen, The Supremes!
I really don't get it. I thought that with the proliferation of gazillions of dollars in the wake of the Citizens United case, that the Supreme Court would begin to see the error of their ways. Instead, they've just reaffirmed it. Maybe not enough time has yet passed. Maybe it's a pride thing. Oddly, the original case wasn't even asking the question that SCOTUS ultimately answered: can corporations give unlimited money to political campaigns? Yes! Because every American believes that there just haven't been enough political ads!

My only hope is, that we as Americans get so burned out on the blizzard of ads, that we all get itchy for a constitutional amendment. Without a change in the court, it's the only way.


Supreme Court rejects Montana campaign finance limits

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down Montana’s attempt to limit campaign contributions, citing the Citizens United ruling that opened the floodgates for unlimited corporate campaign spending. The 5-4 ruling was made on partisan lines, with the conservative majority voting to summarily dismiss the Montana case without oral arguments. . .

Read more: Politico

Monday, June 25, 2012

Orly Taitz to Appear on Stephanie Miller Show Tuesday Morning!

Queen birther and lost Gabor sister, Orly Taitz, will appear on The Stephanie Miller Show in the 9:00 am Pacific hour on Jun 26. If you've forgotten about the birthers, you could be forgiven. But every so often, their mass delusion infects even elected officials, so they're worth keeping an eye on. And it's worth the reminder--via Orly--that these people are ca-rayyyyy-zeee! I will be impressed if Orly actually shows up, more impressed if she stays for the entire segment, startled if she doesn't say, "let me finnish!!!" and flabbergasted if Step gets her to answer a question with, "Moose and squirrel."

Supreme Court Cuts Down Arizona Immigration Law

Keeping up with the Cardassians.
The Supreme Court has had everyone on pins and needles for the last several days, promising to release opinions, tantalizing us with a few, and saving the rest for later. Most of the big stuff is out, except for the ruling on the health care mandate. That, it would seem, they are saving until the very last minute. So, more on that later.

Meanwhile, Governor Bone-finger Jan Brewer was kind of smacked down by the Supremes, with her crowning achievement largely gutted. She played it off like a win, but it wasn't. Three fourths of it was declared unconstitutional, and the fourth part is still under review. I'm glad the law is mostly done away with, because it just seemed like one of the top ten ways Republicans can be mean (in an endless list), and it just isn't necessary. And, while I can hardly tolerate Jan Brewer's fake-gloating, it's better than real gloating, and I'm sure she's not so happy-clappy on the inside.


High court strikes down key parts of Arizona immigration law

. . .The justices struck down three other parts of the law:
  • One making it a crime for an illegal immigrant to work or to seek work in Arizona;
  • One which authorized state and local officers to arrest people without a warrant if the officers have probable cause to believe a person is an illegal immigrant;
  • And one that made it a state requirement for immigrants to register with the federal government. . .
 Read more at: MSNBC

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Blast from the Past [Bonus Edition]: Early FOX TV Shows, Pt. 1

When I sat down to do the previous post, I just didn't have an idea in me for Blast from the Past. The only thing I could think of was old FOX TV shows, and what relevance would that have? Then I turn on FOX, and they're rerunning their anniversary special! Whattaya know? So, I figured I could slap something together for this week afterall. But it's just gonna be clips, no commentary. This blogger is tired!

And with that, I realize I'm done for this week, and I've retroactively retitled this "Pt. 1," and may come back at some point to ad commentary! This one really did give me a blast from the past.

Have a great week, everyone. Happy Monday!

Blast from the Past: Supernatural TV

I had a foreshortened weekend this time, and am frankly a little out of the blogging mood this summer. I'm not going anywhere, but I'm having a hard time getting going! So, this week's Blast from the Past is a rerun from a couple of years ago. A fresh one next week, for sure!


I was wracking my brain for ideas for my weekly Blast from the Past feature. I was having trouble, but I guess my brain has slid into horror of late. But I wanted something slightly different from that.  Currently on TV, we have quite a selection of supernatural programs, from. . .well. . .Supernatural to The Vampire Diaries.  But there have been many supernatural shows from the past, so I thought I'd see how many I could find on the YouTubes.

1. Dark Shadows - Long before Passions, the granddaddy of supernatural soap operas aired daily to thrilled housewives. I remember catching a few--with Kate Jackson!--at the babysitter's.
2. Bewitched - On the lighter side of the supernatural is one of my all-time favorite comedies. Sure, Darren (both of him) was kind of a sexist dick (!), but Sam was just humoring him. She did what she wanted.
3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I couldn't make this list without including Joss Whedon, could I?.
4. The X-Files - Boy do I miss Scully and Mulder. Fringe helps make up for it though.
5. Twin Peaks - Probably the fastest flameout of a hit show ever.
6. Tales from the Dark Side - This was one of the lower-rent anthology shows. But it probably paved the way for the higher profile Tales from the Crypt. And speaking of that one. . .
7. Tales from the Crypt - Of all the anthology series, this one was my favorite.
8. Friday the 13th: The Series - This one had nothing to do with the Jason Voorhees movie saga, except for the producers and Paramount. It had to do with cursed antiques, something that has been redone here and there without attribution.

Okay, and so after that, I'll try to leave the supernatural/scary/horror stuff alone for a while!

Happy Monday!

Over Time with Bill Maher June 22, 2012

Rachel Maddow, Mark Ruffalo and Kirk Douglas were enough reason to watch this past weekend's Real Time with Bill Maher. The other two guys, not so much.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

In Case You Missed It: Stephanie Miller's Live F-Bomb

Image from The Inquisitr
I've said in the past that Randi Rhodes is an acquired taste. Stephanie Miller is also. Since the two of them are friends, I suppose that stands to reason. Where with Randi, you have to grow accustomed to her voice, with Steph, you have to grow accustomed to her style.

If you're hearing The Stephanie Miller Show (or Talking Liberally on CurrentTV) from across the room, you'll hear a series of boinks, burrrps, farts and screeeeaaaams. It will annoy you. But, once you grow accustomed, all of those sound effects and sound cues will cause you to make those noises yourself, and possibly cause a li'l accident that requires cleanup. Stephanie, her voice guy Jim Ward, her producer Chris Lavoie, and their regular guests like Hal Sparks and John Fugelsang are not just very funny, they're very smart. And immature. And inappropriate. And back to funny and smart.

It's a mixture I enjoy and aspire to exhibit. I hope that comes across on my blog, and isn't a grand illusion on my part. Anyway, my sister got me hooked on the show, and elements of it have overrun my blog on occasion. I think I've even scared off Chris from ever responding to a tweet or email because my Linked-In keeps pestering him to add me.

Anyway, the other day, the Supreme Court smacked down some silly indecency rules from the FCC. And Steph just plum lost her shit. And isn't it funny that I can say shit here on the internets as much as I want to (shit! shit! shit!), and nothing happens? And I can put this clip of Stephanie saying fuck (fuck! fuck! fuck!), and the FCC doesn't give a shit! And yet, it is enough to inspire fear (and/or hatred) in producer Chris?

Captain Obvious: Sorting Out Sandusky

This post shouldn't have to be written. But the truth is, posts like it aren't written often enough. On Friday, Jerry Sandusky, the assistant coach at Penn State, was found guilty on 45 of 48 charges for sexually assaulting many, many boys over the years. His guilty verdict was cheered by many on the scene, and my immediate response to the news was, "good."

So, why a Captain Obvious post? Because though 99.999% of sentient humans take this news as a good thing, a goodly portion of those people equate Jerry Sandusky with ordinary gay people. He's not. Sexual orientation is a continuum of sexual attraction from heterosexual to bisexual to homosexual, with shades of grey in-between (and of course, the rare asexual, outside the scale). Pedophilia and pederasty describe a psychiatric disorder wherein a person is sexually aroused by under aged--and unable to consent--children. There are straight pedophiles and pederasts, and there are gay ones. Oddly enough, many child abusers often pick targets that are the opposite sex from their adult relationships. This is the case with Sandusky. Or perhaps not. Many predators just need prey, and Sandusky had access to boys. Who knows what his other predilections might be.

Good luck, short eyes. Image from LA Times.
So, calling Sandusky "gay," or trying to make him representative of all gay people isn't just wrong, it's hideously, unfairly and maliciously wrong. It is also dangerous, and I don't just mean to the gay people you're slandering. If you're got it in your head that it's the gays you've got to watch out for; if you're keeping your kids away from their favorite gay uncle because you can't separate concepts adequately. . .you may be letting your guard down to the actual predators. Married, family men, respected in the community like Sandusky.

Meanwhile, the idiots at FreeRepublic, the tea baggin', Palin-lovin' outpost of the interwebs, can be depended upon to take this wrong-headed thinking to its zenith (or nadir, depending upon your point of view). They run every pederast/pedophile/kiddie porn/you name it fetish under the badly named "homosexual agenda" portion of their stomach-churning site. When my conservative mother assures me that Republicans aren't homophobic, by-and-large, I think of FreeRepublic, and realize that Mom is hopelessly naive. Here are just a few of their comments. The asterisks mask a few words that they actually feel free to type out.


"Isn’t men liking men considered normal now? S/"

Editor: Boys, idiot.

"Jerry, Jerry, you're a fairy, A fan of banana and cherry, Go to jail, For a century! A little trick with Dick."
Ed.: And that, ladies and gentlemen, is an example of "conservative humor."

"FNS and CNN anchors, both sex perverts, talking about another sex pervert committing anal rape of boys is too much."

Ed.: See what he did there? Anderson Cooper and Shepard Smith are somehow equivalent to Sandusky. Nice. Now, for a doozy:

"Great. Now if they can just quit promoting in schools the idea that “sodomy is good” to the children, so they are less likely to be victims. Sodomites are twisted and have a sick reality, which knows no sexual morality. They misuse their body parts in debasing ways. There is no logic or morality—so age makes no difference. Pederasty and homosexuality has been intrinsically linked since Ancient Greece and the Samurai. It is a learned behavior. Schools intentionally promote Sodomy in Sex Ed (they teach anal sex) and by having “Day of Silence” and putting the word gay with “Pride”. Sodomy is a Vice and children need to learn Good and Evil by the Standard of the Bible—since our Natural Rights come from God, so they do not fall victim to these people who have no sexual boundaries and will use them. The homosexual reality is that debasing acts are “love”, which is the slippery slope to any debasing act-—even that with children—since “self pleasure” is their only criteria for “good”.
Get perverts out of the schools. -—like Kevin Jennings. Better yet, get your children OUT of public schools. They are promoting evil to children—to normalize the debasing and dysfunctional lifestyles which lead to a socialist state."

Ed.: The stupid. It burns! No, jackass, you're wrong about almost everything you've said. But the key chink in your screed is your "slippery slope" comment. You're not even smart enough to know that it is the name of a logical fallacy. One of the main ones.

"Wait a fews years as this nation sinks further into immorality....this behavior will become legal and protected."

Ed.: No. It won't. Rape and molestation are crimes on people against their will. The only time I've seen any otherwise rational person argue against protections against rape, it was Republicans trying to change it to just "forcible" rape, whatever that means.

"Just more proof that homosexual fa**ots have no business in leadership positions."

Ed.: See? Told you there'd be asterisks! Offensive, wrong and redundant. The FReeper trifecta!

"Or be able to adopt!"

Ed.: Okay, moron, Sandusky was a married heterosexual, as far as we know. How exactly would your knee-jerk reaction have stopped him?

And on that note, we have the lone, sane FReeper, who answered that last bit better than me. Credit where it's due:

"The problem with your statement as it pertains to this case was that there was no evidence that Sanusky ever lived an openly “homosexual” or “fa**ot” lifestyle outside of molesting young boys which was done in secret and not openly. Sandusky was never, as I understand ever interested in having sex with other adult men, only in having sex with children who happened to be male. A male pedophile who prefers having sex with female children is none the less still a pedophile and just as sick, twisted and evil.
Barring openly homosexuals from leadership positions would not have prevented someone like Sandusky from doing what he did as he was not an openly homosexual man who had sex with other adult men. He lived as a straight man, a pillar of his community, someone well respected in his community and someone that even his neighbors and close friends, some who are deeply religious, had no idea of his perversions, yet he was someone who secretly preyed on vulnerable children for years." --by MD Expat in PA

There is much, much more. But for once, I'm going to give a FReeper the last word.  Source.

UPDATE: For Dan, my friend at the conservative LasVegasBadger, I do not think that FreeRepublic represents all or most Republicans. But they are a very vocal, and unfortunately these days, heeded force, the core of the tea party. Dan, you keep me on my toes.

Steven Weber: The FOX "News" Disservice Industry

Image from FanPop
It's been a while since I've posted a piece by Steven Weber (blogger/actor/twitterer), a guy who feels like he's extracting ideas from my brain, and then putting them into much better--and funnier--words than I'm capable of. I've used a lot of words, some of them funny, to describe FOX "News," but Weber really has something with this piece.


Disservice Industry

A product is usually created to improve people's lives, otherwise, why buy it? I'm no genius, but I am an American and gosh-darnit I consume, so I know what I'm talking about. . . 

. . .But now see, where Fox News is concerned, there's a problem. It seems that what that particular product advertises right up front is at odds with the reality of what it does. And a lot of consumers buy it thinking they're going to get one thing but what they are really getting is something else entirely. . . 

 . . .But Fox News seems pretty light on the "news" part and awfully heavy on the "fox" part. . .

Read all of it at: Huffington Post

Friday, June 22, 2012

51 Things More Interesting Than Mitt Romney

I don't have much to add to this article, I just thought the title and accompanying image were worthy of a chuckle. Enjoy.


51 Things More Interesting Than Mitt Romney

Let's just face it, you guys. No matter what your political affiliation, we can pretty much all agree that Mitt Romney is boring. To be fair, we've all been hoping to see something -
anything - over this never-ending primary election to indicate otherwise. But, it's time we all came to terms with the fact that this year's GOP presidential candidate just isn't that interesting. . .

Read more at: Huffington Post

Right-Wing World: Republicans Still Believe Iraq Had WMD

Sigh. Sad. And so, so dumb.


Thanks alot, Colin. Image from source.
Yes, Iraq Definitely Had WMD, Vast Majority Of Polled Republicans Insist

How misinformed are Republicans about world affairs? If presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney's assertion that Russia is "without question our number one geopolitical foe" is any indication, then the answer would appear to be very. . .

Read more at: Huffington Post

The Keystone XL Pipeline

Here's a question for my Republican friends: why do you guys have such a chubby for the Keystone XL pipeline? I mean, it would create some temporary jobs--politicians can't seem to decide between 5,000. . .12,000. . .or just the random thousands--but is that it? I mean, there has been very little movement in the GOP on any other kinds of jobs (except cutting them). So, that can't be it. Can it be that Republicans just love big oil? Is it the nefarious Koch Brothers and their attendant back-room policy making?

From what I've read, this pipeline would go through a major portion of the nation's aquifers. It's going from Canada--where they're milking this tar-sands oil--and pipe it to the Gulf of Mexico. On top of the potential for spills (which the oil companies have shown no competence for cleaning up or containing), environmental scientists say that if all of the tar-sands oil is eventually burned, it's essentially "game over" for our current ecology.

I'm no scientist, but that sounds worth paying attention to. I read DC Comics, and I understand what happened when the politicians didn't listen to scientist Jor-El of Krypton. I certainly don't think you just throw caution to the wind, and build that sucker just because John Boehner gets all tingly thinking about it.


Republicans Holding Nearly 3 Million Transportation Jobs Hostage For 6,000 Temporary Oil Jobs

With as many as 2.9 million new and existing jobs on the line, House Republicans are refusing to pass a transportation reauthorization bill, even after the Senate’s version of the bill overwhelmingly passed through the upper chamber in a 74-22 bipartisan vote. . .

Read more at: Think Progress

In Case You Missed It: Romney Loves America

The mind wobbles. . .

"I believe in an America where millions of Americans believe in an America that’s the America millions of Americans believe in. That’s the America I love."

 Source: TownHall

The Glass Closet

Image from source, New York Observer
There is a new phenomenon in the world of gay celebrities: The Glass Closet, and the eventual anti-climactic outing. There have always been those who are rumored to be gay, but nobody seems to really know. For years, that has included Kevin Spacey, Tom Cruise and John Travolta. All have at one time or another outright denied it, the final two vigorously. Cruise has seemingly been on a quest to be portrayed as manly as possible, and rumors be damned, there sure doesn't seem to be evidence. The older Travolta is less successful, and has seen a rash of allegations lately that makes the rumors seem true. And while I'll admit to playing this gossipy guessing game, I have no idea.

Of course I missed the one about Doogie. I had no idea that Neil Patrick Harris was gay before he came out. My gaydar is good, but that one didn't register. But right now, we've got a whole list of openly gay celebrities who surprised very few people when they acknowledged it, because we kinda already knew. Ricky Martin, Sean Hayes, Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Matt Bomer. . .I already "knew" before I knew. But there are the ones still in The Glass Closet that are vexing.

Travolta of course--if he is gay--has constructed an elaborate fiction of a straight life. So, revelation would be embarrassing, and for his religion, forbidden. Anderson Cooper seems unlikely to lose much of anything, other than perhaps his own safety in certain places in the world he reports from. But Queen Latifah? I can't imagine she'd lose much of her following. She's talented and funny. Like Wanda Sykes before her, there would be very little downside.

There's another kind of glass closet, though. It's got one way mirrors, and everyone can see that the person inside is gay, but they're oblivious that we can see them. I'm thinking of a certain Barry Man. . .ilow. A Rich. . .ard Simmons. Perhaps a Marcus Bach. . .mann? I don't know what their problems are.


Outward Bound: Celebs Struggle To Keep Sexuality Secret(ish), But Media Make Mischief

At a crowded movie premiere in Midtown recently, The Observer witnessed a young movie and TV star—a dashing young man who’s been involved with several starlets despite whispers about his close relationships with other men—sitting for the entire party in close conversation with a well-groomed gent, even as his co-stars circulated. As we passed, the plus-one stared us down, as if to say, “Step off,” or perhaps, “Don’t you dare write about this. . .”

Read more at: New York Observer

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Randi Rhodes Interviews Cher

Randi Rhodes--the liberal radio hostess, not the dead rock star--is an acquired taste. She has a brash style, outspoken liberal views (for which she has been offered more money to convert to conservative schtick), and a Brooklyn accent. I discovered her when looking for The O'Franken Factor (later The Al Franken Show) in 2004. I very quickly acquired the taste, and have followed her all over my (computer simulated) radio dial ever since.

Cher is more like a re-acquired taste. She's had so many career comebacks, she should have her own entry in the Guinness Book. Singer, actress, info-mercial queen and a helluva broad, her storied career is the envy of any starlet (or drag queen). She's won awards for everything, been in numerous hit movies, and had a hit song in each of six decades. Probably soon to be seven (UPDATE: If you count US Club Hits, she's already to seven decades of hits!).

The two teamed up for a radio interview on Randi's show, because Right-Wing World has come crashing down on Cher for tweeting her mind. A week or two ago. Yeah, I don't get it either. But as Randi says, if picking on Cher is a high point of your agenda? Yeah, you've got nothing. She's freakin' Cher!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Right-wing World: Fast & Furious, Dragged from the Fringe to the Capitol

For a long time, I've seen and heard the right wing going bonkers over "Fast & Furious," a failed so-called "gunwalking" program, started under the Bush administration, and continuing under Obama. Now, when it comes to law enforcement programs gone bad, ending in deaths of some people, I say investigate. Go for it. Get to the bottom of it, and make sure that stuff doesn't happen again.

But this isn't really about that. The right's desire is to turn Fast & Furious into a Watergate-level scandal. And it's also an incoherent conspiracy theory, in which Obama is going to take all of your guns away, after turning public sentiment against them, by letting them get into the wrong hands. Or something. It's moved from a very hinky, conspiracy theorist blogger named Michael Vanderboegh, all the way up to the House of Representatives, and Congressman Derrell Issa (a guy with his own problems with guns and whatnot).  Anyway, if it's all Greek to you, maybe this will help. It's (again) Rachel Maddow, and (again) kind of lengthy, but it is interesting, entertaining, and you might at least get an inkling of what your crazy FOX-watchin' uncle is going on about.

Mitt Romney's "Presidential Speeches in a Cuisinart" Speech

The other day, Mitt Romney gave a speech that borrowed a page from half-Governor Sarah Palin, by sounding like word salad. Unlike Palin--who seems to gather her sentence gumbo from any old words (with a dash of freedoms and liberties)--Romney seems to have cobbled together famous speeches, presidential and otherwise. It sounded something like this.  Source: Rocky Mountain Mike of The Stephanie Miller Show.

Jon Stewart Exposes Sean Hannity's Lies (Again)

Though all of this Daily Show with Jon Stewart clip is good, my favorite part starts at 3:30, with Jon "almost" snowed by Sean Hannity of FOX "News." Hannity is such a tool. A dull, useless tool.

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This Just In: Joe "The Plumber" is an Idiot

But, then again, you knew that. It's really something, the caliber of the Tea Party heroes, isn't it?


Joe The Plumber Has Brilliant Analysis Of What Caused The Holocaust

. . .Mr. The Plumber, who apparently would like some more attention, please, has a new ad out that explains that gun control caused both the Holocaust and the Armenian genocide. That is some First Class trolling there, Joe, but you forgot one tiny, teeny thing. . .

Read more at: Wonkette

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Obama's Romney Debate Practice Stand-in: John Kerry

Well, this is interesting. Not only is John Kerry a great choice as a Mitt Romney stand-in in debate practice, he's a great analogue to the candidate himself.

Do you remember the criticism of Kerry?  I'm referring to when they weren't criticizing his looks or his wife. Yes, it was his elitism. This wealthy, out-of-touch, upper-crust, elitist. Forget that he was a war hero, he was not a guy you could sit down and have a beer with. Forget that George W. Bush was an alcoholic. Curious how that stuff isn't coming up this time, isn't it?


Obama picks John Kerry to play Romney in mock debate rehearsals

President Obama has tapped Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee, to play Republican Mitt Romney in mock debate rehearsals, Obama campaign officials and the senator’s office confirmed Monday. . .

Read more at: Washington Post

Newt Gingrich's Case Against Mitt Romney

I know that traditionally "what happens in the primaries, stays in the primaries," in American politics. Of course, that was before YouTube, the Googles, and the internets in general. Everything is researchable, archived, and ready to be replayed or reposted. And when a former candidate made a case so plainly and so clearly, are you telling me it shouldn't be used?

Lately, Mitt Romney has been recycling the fiction that he's not a "career politician," but primarily a business man. I say to that first a) Really? Wasn't George W. Bush the last business man installed as President? How did that work out? and b) Really? What has been Mittens' job these past twelve years or so? But let's give this one to Newt (can you believe the names, Mitt and Newt?).

Romney Dazzled by Convenience Store Touch Screen

Image from Raw Story

The issue of Mitt Romney ordering a sub from Wawa, and his subsequent, tedious description of the place probably shouldn't be newsworthy. But it is only the latest in a long, long series of attempts to "humanize" the RomneyBot 3000. And like all the others, it failed spectacularly.

A typical Wawa outlet. Source:

I don't know if it's his status as a life-long multimillionaire, and thus he can't relate to the average Joe. You wouldn't think that an alpha male, one who was a missionary--convincing enough to convert people to a ridiculous* religion--would be socially awkward. Then again, maybe in the boardroom, or the country club, he gets on famously with Skip and Buffy Worthington III. Trouble is, to the rest of us, he's as relatable as Thurston Howell III.


Romney says gas station’s touch-screen ordering is ‘amazing’

It doesn’t take a lot to impress Mitt Romney. At a campaign stop in Pennsylvania on Sunday, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee told a crowd that he had been astonished by a touch screen computer used to order food at the Wawa gas station chain. . .

Read more at: Raw Story

*When I call Mormonism ridiculous, it isn't out of anti-Mormon bigotry. I'm an atheist, and I find religion in general to be preposterous. But Mormons are selling a very tall tale, and it surprises me that anyone buys it. Just sayin'.

UPDATE: As pointed out by Dan, a blogger (and friendly rival) at LasVegasBadger, The Media Research Council (a Brent Bozell/Newsbusters organization) and FOX "News" say that Andrea Mitchell Reports "doctored" the video in question to make Romney look goofier. Were such a thing possible (kidding, Dan, kidding). I'm not sure I see it that way--I'm not sure editing is "doctoring" in every case--but here's the link if you want to check it out: MRC/FOX "News" Debunk of Andrea Mitchell.

Political Paradies (a-) Plenty! It's a Rocky Mountain Mike 3-pack!

Somehow, Rocky Mountain Mike had time to move all the way to the Rockies from North Carolina, change his name from Mike in Raleigh, and continue to crank out numerous endlessly entertaining political song and commercial parodies! I don't know when he sleeps. Makes me feel guilty for sort of lagging here on the blog.

Anyway, Mike works so fast, by the time I check in on him, he's got a whole bunch of new bits up. Here are three of his most recent.

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