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Betty White to Co-host Saturday Night Live?

Image from source, Popeater

Though I had to read portions of the post excerpted below a couple of times to get it, apparently Betty White--the object of a Facebook campaign to host Saturday Night Live--will at least get to co-host the show. Which is probably better than White hosting it solo. I mean at 88, and given the rigors of the show. . .well. . .read on.


Why Betty White Shouldn't Host a Full 'SNL'

The word on the street is that Betty White will, at least partially, be on 'Saturday Night Live' ... though not in the hosting role that many had hoped. With a major Facebook push to thank, the concept of Betty White hosting 'SNL' is a great one on paper, but the logistics of it actually happening are a little more complicated. While we're confident she's enough of a consummate pro to pull off a full show -- and she's certainly funny/cool/hip enough, as well -- it's just better off that she isn't hosting a full episode. . .

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Commercial Voiceovers: Who Are They?

I found this sufficiently interesting to post. I did terribly, and I consider myself a pop-culture guru. How do you score?

The Fat Thing and The Low-Carb Diet Again

As with many other American adults, I find myself--if not at square one--back to the beginning of a diet cycle. My diet of choice is Atkins, or at least a variation. I've gotten pretty good at it, and can stay on track for many months at a time. Then, fate intervenes: minor surgery, long stays by visitors from out of state, trips back home to Ohio (where my trifecta of Donato's Pizza, White Castle and Skyline Chili lurk) or some such interruption of the easy adaptation of a low-carb diet.

This time it was a combination of visitors and minor surgery. I succumbed. I needed soft food, comfort food. And when the visitors came, I acquiesced to extending my "eat what you want" diet. Which very rapidly puts me back to chubbitude. Much more quickly than I lose it, of course. So, to finish off my 2 weeks of diet abandon, I've ordered a Pizza Hut "Meat Lover's" Pizza. So there! Tomorrow, I start with the low-carby thing again. I'm sure it will work, to a degree. I have a stubborn 8 pounds that refuses to leave. But to be honest, I am not even going to go near the bathroom scale for at least the first week. Meanwhile, here is my post from my last trip on the Atkins train. There are tips here, so take note!

ORIGINAL POST (03/03/09):

Photo from

From the time before I started this blog until late September of 2008, I was around 180 pounds, a personal worst. I'm 5'8-1/2", and went about 25 years eating absolutely anything I wanted while remaining rail thin. Some time in my late 20s, the weight crept up, and I found it settling about 10 pounds higher per new decade. When I turned 40, I was just off of my (second? third?) Atkins diet, and was at a reasonable weight. But as I slid into 41, there it was, 180 pounds, or there abouts.

In late September last year, I'd had enough, and decided to give the Atkins Diet one more go around. By this time, I'd learned all of the tricks (some of which you can find here), so it wasn't too difficult. Except for the fact that the Atkins craze died about four years ago, and pre-packaged low carb foods are much harder to come by these days.

I got my weight down to a much more reasonable 160 pounds, where it has remained (give or take two or three pounds both ways) since about November. My waist dropped from a 34" to somewhere between 31" and 32." And while it would be nice to see 30" pants again, it will take a heavy exercise program to see that happen, and I haven't gotten the gumption for that quite yet.

Since I've grown to accept that 160 pounds (ish) is my new stable weight if I'm careful, I've loosened up on the diet. Now, once or twice a week (usually on weekends) I'll have a cheat day. Raising Cane's chicken, or Chinese food. Maybe pizza. And then it is right back on the low-carb diet. This has produced no measurable weight gain, and it certainly makes me happier.

I've also gotten creative on the non-cheat days. I thought I'd share a couple of my recipes, in case you're in the same position.

Jamie's Low-Carb Pizza

Pre-heat oven to 410, with pizza pan on the rack, so it gets hot. Get a Mission low-carb flour tortilla. Get the white ones, because they taste a lot closer to the real thing, and don't have the icky Atkins soy-flour aftertaste. Spread a couple of spoonfuls of Ragu (or equivalent) pizza sauce on it, and spread liberal amounts of sliced pepperonis and mozzarella cheese on top. Chop up some pepper rings to put on top, and any other meats you might like. After the oven is hot, take out the pizza pan, and immediately transfer your pizza onto it, and put into the oven. If you have a convection feature, turn it on. Cook until the cheese is bubbly and browning, and you're done. Very tasty, and not far from the real thing.

Jamie's Low-carb Tuna Melt

Follow instructions for the oven and tortilla in the above pizza recipe. Mix tuna, chopped onions, chopped dill pickles and chopped pepper rings with a couple of spoons of mayonnaise. Spread tuna mixture and sharp cheddar cheese onto tortilla, and bake just like the pizza.

Both of these are interesting, and relatively low-carb dinners to jazz up your routine. And while I haven't really done the carb math here, the tortillas are 7 net carbs, and the rest of the ingredients are either carb-free, or pretty low. Enjoy!

One more thing: There are still low-carb Splenda-sweetened ice creams on the market, so check your various grocery stores to see what's available. Blue Bunny makes some fantastic ice cream bars (Sweet Freedom raspberry is like candy), and there is also "Watch N Carbs" and a few others. You can also find sugar-free chocolate syrup, and add dry roasted peanuts if you like a little salty and sweet. There used to be (much) more, but there are still enough varieties to save my sanity.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Overtime with Bill Maher, February 26, 2010

Here's the totally legit, HBO-sanctioned, internet only portion of this weekend's Real Time with Bill Maher. With guests you probably haven't heard of. Enjoy.

Sarah Palin, Part of Biblical Prophecy?

I just knew this bitch was evil. . .


Latest Sarah Palin Speech Opens Sixth Seal

IDAHO FALLS, ID—Speaking unto an audience of anti-immigration advocates, global-warming deniers, and members of the Tea Party Nation, former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin gave forth utterances Monday that reportedly opened the sixth seal of the Book of the Apocalypse. . .

Read more at: The Onion

Thanks to Stupid Monkey Planet for the link!

Tinfoil Hat Time: Rachel Maddow & the Missile Defense Agency Logo

Hilarious. And right-wing world believes this crap. . .

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Last Week's Overtime with Bill Maher & Seth MacFarlane

Last year, HBO began yanking all of the YouTube clips of Real Time with Bill Maher. I understood this--kinda--from a business standpoint. They are, after all, a pay cable service. But the life these clips (particularly "New Rules") takes on online can actually generate interest in the show. I know I enjoy watching the show live, or nearly so if I time delay with my DVR. I want to have it on my TV, not on a little window on my computer.

Even so, I really enjoyed putting up clips from the program on my blog, and was dismayed when HBO had them all removed. When Real Time returned last week, HBO either had a change of heart or just an upgrade to their online presence, because at least the internet portion of the program is now available for embedding. Hazzah! So here is Overtime from last week, with Elliot Spitzer and Seth MacFarlane. Enjoy.

Friday Status Update: Mormons!

One of the many homoerotic Mormon paintings (maybe that's how they hook you?) from

I'm off work on Fridays these days, due to the economy. And before you blame President Obama, note that these mandatory three-day weekends began in August 2008. This after a business downturn for at least 8 months, probably more. On the bright side--hey!--three-day weekends! Which makes Thursday my "Friday", and sometimes leads to too much revelry on Thursday night.

Such it was last evening, and so I have little to show on the blog for Friday. Here it is, a little after noon, and I'm writing my first post. In fact, I'm still in my PJs, still drinking coffee, watching The Mormons, part 3 on PBS. Well, on my DVR actually. It's very interesting stuff. I'm an avid fan of history, especially the stuff that is borderline secretive. I'm still flabbergasted that a religion that to my eyes is absolutely false and bizarre could have grown to such a massive institution. How does such a crazy story catch on?

After watching a bunch of this story, I'm still not sure I understand that. I've read a portion of the Book of Mormon, and found it not only inscrutable, but also terrible writing. And why in the world was it written in the style of the King James version of the Holy Bible? Did Joseph Smith not know that the Bible was only written in that style because of the time and place it was translated? All religions are inherently ridiculous to the uninitiated, I know. But Mormonism is probably second only to Scientology in its obvious fraudulence. Just this heathen's opinion, I suppose.

Anyway, I'm fairly certain I won't be getting much of value or interest done today. We will see. Meanwhile, have a good start to your weekend!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Cooking With Mrs. Betty Bowers (America's Best Christian)

This admittedly irreverant (to say the least) video is posted especially for Stupid Monkey Planet, who has helped out so much of late. Enjoy, Monkey!

Found at: Joe.My.God.

Stupid Monkey Tip: You should try her speared ribs... they're to die for!

Michael Steele: Americans Have No Fundamental Right to Health Care

Why is it that when I hear a Republican like Michael Steele say something like this. . .

I think of this. . .

South Park Creators Respond to Blackwater Story

Image from source, Huffington Post

I've been a big fan of South Park almost since the beginning. I say "almost" because the first episode--while funny--didn't really grab me at first. For one thing, I had a hard time understanding what the kids were saying. But it's kind of like watching a British sitcom like Absolutely Fabulous. Once you get what the show is, and recognize the speech patterns of the characters, it all comes together.

Part of the fun of South Park is that they go after everybody. If it's ridiculous and it's in the news or in pop culture, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will skewer it. Every once in a while, they'll cut a little close to the bone and tick me off. But there isn't a viewer of the program who hasn't had that happen to them as well. Much like Family Guy (which Parker & Stone famously lampooned), the whole point is that somebody is going to have their sacred cow gored. Every once in a while it will be yours.


Matt Stone & Trey Parker Are Not Your Political Allies (No Matter What You Believe)

News broke this week that a Blackwater subsidiary was arming violent drug users in Afghanistan. They took hundreds of weapons intended for the Afghan National Police and at least one of them (probably more) signed for the shipments with the name "Eric Cartman."

When I asked "South Parks"'s creators what they thought of these men co-opting their character they were completely unfazed. "It makes perfect sense. It's the name I would use," Trey Parker said. "Our first reaction to any story is 'How do we put this into the show?' and the second reaction is 'Did Cartman do that?' because he's so real to us it's like 'I bet Cartman did that. . .'"

Read more at: Huffington Post

House Chair Wants to Bring Back Torture

Image from Huffington Post

WTF? Seriously? I want some country-lovin', chaw-chewin' real 'Merican to explain to me why so many Republicans are for torture. Torture is a) against international law, b) emboldens our enemies, and c) does not work. It is never right to torture in the name of the United States. Not ever. I don't care what 24-inspired fantasy you harbor, torture is an ineffective way of getting information. And it doesn't help if you doll it up with a new name like "enhanced interrogation."


Rep. Reyes Introduces a Measure Re-Criminalizing Torture

Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-Texas), the chairman of the House intelligence committee, introduced an amendment to the 2010 intelligence authorization bill imposing a 15-year criminal sentence on any “officer or employee of the intelligence community” who tortures a detainee. (Twenty years if the torture involves an “act of medical malfeasance”; life if the detainee dies.). . .

Serial Killer Whale(s)

I dunno??? Something called a "Killer Whale" seems to be something not to be trifled with. It is a large brained, thinking, hunting, killing, pack mammal. It is capable of forethought & afterthought. (Obviously not Republicans...)
For some reason we land lubber monkeys feel we must "save" them, "train" them & "tame" them. Like all of the endangered species, we endangered. There really isn't much we can do for any of them. Sure we'll save a few, it's just our own nature is far too destructive, until proven otherwise.
Alas, the animal world needn't fear... Ma Nature will figure a way to best us; be it animal, parasite or asteroid. She'll snuff every last one of us out. With pleasure.
I guess sometimes the other mammals on this planet just lose their patience with her... and kill a "trainer" at a sea park... for a third time... in front of hundreds.
Playing with large animals, especially intelligent ones, is like playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic pistol. Stupid, stupid monkeys.
Read on...

John McCain Paints Opponent J.D. Hayworth as a Crazy Birther

I'm not a big fan of John McCain by any means, but I'd rather he stayed in the Senate than crazy right-wing radio host, J.D. Hayworth. So, kudos to Grampy McCain for this brilliant ad, painting Hayworth as a stuck-on-crazy Obama birth certificate conspiracy theorist. With Orly Taitz, no less! But we will never forgive him for foisting Sarah Palin upon the American public.

Ding Dong the Hummer's Dead

Image from source, Washington Post

Though many thought it died years ago, the Hummer brand of SUVs is finally dead. One of the most garish symbols of conspicuous consumption (and ersatz phallus) outlived its usefulness and became a joke quite some time ago. But I'll bet you it will live on in pop culture for years alongside the Pontiac Aztek, the AMC Gremlin and Pacer, and the Ford Pinto for reasons its creator never envisioned.


Hummer faces shutdown after Chinese sale collapses

Hummer, the off-road vehicle that once symbolized America's love for hulking SUVs, faces a shutdown after its sale to a Chinese heavy equipment maker collapsed.

Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines Co. said Wednesday it pulled out of the deal to buy the company from
General Motors Co. Tengzhong failed to get clearance from Chinese regulators within the proposed timeframe for the sale, the Chinese manufacturer said. . .

Read more at: Washington Post

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Penny Unveiled. Why?

Ever since I was a kid, collecting pennies in little fold-out books, there have been rumors that the penny was going to be cancelled. Useless. Too many out of circulation in jars. Cost more to make than they're worth. So why on earth would they not only keep it around, but redesign the back side? And who at the US Mint has a kid who is a graphic designer, and nepotismed this blah design onto the coin? It's not merely bland, it is completely not even worth the effort. Prediction: the Lincoln Memorial returns in five years.


The Lincoln One Cent Coin—2010 and Beyond

The current Lincoln cent's reverse (tails side) design is emblematic of President Abraham Lincoln's preservation of the United States as a single and united country, as required by Title III of Public Law 109-145, the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005. While the obverse (heads) continues to bear the familiar Victor David Brenner likeness of President Lincoln that has appeared on the coin since 1909, the reverse features a union shield with a scroll draped across and the inscription ONE CENT. . .

Read more at: The United States Mint

Maddow: Republicans Are Lying About "Nuclear Option"

Republicans and their supporters are trying to cast the Senate reconciliation rule as "The Nuclear Option." It isn't, and they know it isn't. They aren't mistaken, they aren't misinformed, this isn't a slip of the tongue or an out-of-context moment. They are lying. Straight up. And what other cable news host but Rachel Maddow would call them on it? Rachel is made of awesome.

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Anthony Weiner: "The Republican Party is the wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance industry."

Best moment on C-SPAN in history, right here:

Courage Campaign Exposes Myths About Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Image from Think Progress

I received this in my email box today, and thought it was very blogworthy.

Don't Lie, Don't Misinform

By Julia Rosen

The right is incredibly effective at spreading lies and distortions in an attempt to stop change and reform. That's why it is crucial that the truth gets out about Don't Ask, Don't Tell, especially when we have seen the enormous damage done to attempts at reforming health care, the banking industry and many more. The Courage Campaign proudly signed on to a letter and a
great piece of research from Media Matters debunking a number of myths that the right is spreading in an attempt to stop the repeal of DADT.

The letter is below the fold, and was also signed by AMERICAblog's John Aravosis, GLAAD's Jarrett T. Barrios, Human Rights Campaign's Joe Solmonese, Knights Out's Becky Kanis, Media Matters' President Eric Burns, National Center for Lesbian Rights' Kate Kendall, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's Rea Carey, National Security Network's Heather Hurlburt, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network's Aubrey Sarvis, Servicemembers United's Alex Nicholson, Truman National Security Project's Rachel Kleinfeld, VoteVets' Jon Soltz, and last but not least our friend and yours, Lt. Dan Choi, US Army Infantry Officer and Arabic Linguist. It's not all that often that all of these folks sign on to the same letter and it is a testament to the excellent resource produced by Media Matters and importance of pushback on the lies.

Here are a few of the myths and links to sources that debunk the claims. I urge all of you to help spread around
the accurate information whenever you see someone making an inaccurate statement about DADT.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell is working
REALITY: Over 13,500 service members reportedly fired under law, including decorated officers and those in "critical occupations."

Repeal would undermine morale and unit cohesion
REALITY: Unit cohesion argument "not supported by any scientific studies."

Military experts oppose the repeal of DADT
REALITY: More than 100 retired generals and admirals have called for DADT's repeal.

The public does not support repeal of DADT
REALITY: Numerous polls find broad support for gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military

Right-wing attacks on DADT repeal are not anti-gay
REALITY: Prominent right-wing figures opposing repeal have a history of anti-gay rhetoric.

DADT repeal would adversely affect retention
REALITY: Myth defies experiences of several other countries that have allowed gay men and lesbians to serve openly.

Experience of other nations aren't relevant because "nobody counts on" their armies
REALITY: Several nations have fought in wars after allowing gay men and lesbians to serve openly.

Only progressives support the repeal of DADT
REALITY: Polls show support for repeal of DADT among many Republicans, conservatives.

DADT repeal would expose servicemembers to greater HIV risk
REALITY: Military regulations and procedures already exist to prevent the spread of HIV.

Read more of this post

Glenn Beck Takes a Hit in Teabaggistan

Image from EncyclopediaDramatica

First the right turns on their golden boy, Scott Brown (R-Cosmopolitan), and now they're turning on Glenn Beck. I know, right? I thought Beck was like Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin. Namely, that they could get away with anything with this crowd. Please keep it up, guys!


The Right-Wing Backlash Against Glenn Beck: Stop Being A ‘Clown’ Who’s Trying To Divide Conservatives

Over the weekend, Fox News host Glenn Beck delivered a spirited speech to the crowd at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he attacked not only his usual villains — Democrats, Van Jones, and the New Deal — but also the Republican Party, which is supposedly becoming too progressive. . .

Read more at: ThinkProgress

Blackwater Goes Down to South Park, Has a Good Time

Image from source, The Washington Independent

By way of Stupid Monkey Planet comes this link about the stupid monkeys at Blackwater, and the people who continue to give them military contracts. Screw you guys, I'm going home. . . .


Blackwater Took Hundreds of Guns From U.S. Military, Afghan Police

Employees of the CIA-connected private security corporation Blackwater diverted hundreds of weapons, including more than 500 AK-47 assault rifles, from a U.S. weapons bunker in Afghanistan intended to equip Afghan policemen, according to an investigation by the Senate Armed Services Committee. On at least one occasion, an individual claiming to work for the company evidently signed for a weapons shipment using the name of a “South Park” cartoon character. And Blackwater has yet to return hundreds of the guns to the military. . .

Blast from the Past: Grace Slick

Image from source, Spinner

I don't often repost items I find on AOL's home page, since any AOL user has already seen them. But then, how many people still use AOL (besides me, of course)? So when I saw this picture of Grace Slick (former lead singer for Jefferson Airplane and Starship), I was moved to pass it along. I remember once talking with my mom about the big singers of her generation. So many it seemed were about the same age as she was. We agreed that it would be comforting to the boomers to have so many famous people their age when they entered their senior years. I'll have to see if she still feels that way, or if it just makes her feel old!


Twisted Tales: Grace Slick Exemplifies 1960s Hedonism -- Going on Six Decades

Side One of the Jefferson Airplane's classic 1967 album 'Surealistic Pillow' gets a heavy workout in the Coen brothers' latest film, 'A Serious Man,' loosely based on the directors' own coming-of-age in suburban Minnesota in the era of acid rock. Bar mitzvah boy Danny listens to 'Somebody to Love' on transistor-radio earphones to get through Hebrew school. . .

Read more at: Spinner

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment: Health Care Summit

Wednesday's Countdown with Keith Olbermann featured a "Special Comment" on Thursday's "bipartisan" health care reform summit. But the bulk of the commentary is about Olbermann's father, and his month's long health care crisis. Olbermann has noted the issue before, but rarely with much detail. Olbermann's detractors have regularly--in their strained attempts at comedy (or something)--derided his frequent absenses due to the health of his dad, and that of his recently passed mother. So this particular special comment seems to be directed at shutting that down, along with a pointed plea to the Congressmen and Senators at tomorrow's summit.

It's good stuff, and also quite sad. I have no doubt however, that the goons at OlbermannWatch, FreeRepublic and other such sites will still make light of the issue and stand--against their own best interests--with the health insurance industry.

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Auto-Tune The News #10

Just because.

The Daily Show's Take on CPAC

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart came back from reruns at just the right time to skewer CPAC, the big conservative confab in Washington DC last week. As usual, it's a gem.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
CPAC 2010 - Rage Within the Machine
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

FOX "News" Spins to Minimize Ron Paul CPAC Straw Poll Win

Anybody surprised?

Bristol Palin to Play Bristol Palin

Oh, brother. Also.


Bristol Palin Makes Acting Debut as Teen Mom

Bristol Palin, arguably the most famous teen mother in America, will make her acting debut playing herself on ABC Family's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," the network announced today. . .

Read more at: ABC News

Thanks to Stupid Monkey Planet for the link.

Nevada Governor Denies Love Interest

Image from source, LasVegasNow

I've been away, and haven't been able to do any blogging. So, thank you to Stupid Monkey Planet for doing some research for me. This story is more of the same for our kinda douchey Nevada Governor, Jim Gibbons (R-Naturally). He's had pretty deplorable behavior, so this really isn't anything new. Amazingly enough, it is conventional wisdom that the next Governor of the state will easily be a Republican. Again. I know, depressing.

Don't you love it though, when a politician is caught on tape and still tries to deny something?


Gov. Gibbons Responds to I-Team Investigation and Apologizes

A tense exchange occurred late Monday night between Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons and 8 News Now Investigative Reporter Jonathan Humbert.

The governor was at the Reno/Tahoe International Airport after returning from Washington D.C. When asked about his traveling companion, Kathy Karrasch, he denied she was on the plane. Tuesday afternoon, the governor admitted she was there, as 8 News Now video had already proven. . .

Read more at: Las Vegas Now

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deconstructing the Crazy: Glenn Beck

Image from source, Media Matters

Somebody had to do it.


Beck's charts by the numbers

A year ago, Glenn Beck rolled out the first in a long series of increasingly bizarre blackboard scrawls and graphics intended to link President Obama and the progressive movement to extremists and dictators and otherwise illustrate Beck's conspiratorial worldview. Throughout the year, he has used chalk, markers, and Fox News' graphics department to bring his theories to life. Media Matters for America has reviewed Beck's charts and detailed them below by the numbers. . .

Monday, February 22, 2010

Women's Answer to Dodge Charger Super Bowl Ad

I keep seeing the Dodge Charger ad with the insanely good looking guys, looking all bummed out because they're p-whipped. But damn it, they're going to drive a man car! Well, a Dodge Charger anyway. I figured this one would make some of the ladies mad, though if they really take it seriously (I think the men's complaints were fairly small potatoes and pretty funny). Still, while this retort might go over the top, it is also hilarious.

And now, the original:

Scott Brown Joins with Democrats on "Bipartisan" Bill

Image from source, MSNBC

It's funny that "bipartisan" now means a bare handfull from the Republican side voting with Democrats to help them flesh out their "small majority." Even funnier is that Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), whom the conservatives were fawning over last week is now on their shit list.


Bipartisan jobs bill clears GOP filibuster

A bipartisan jobs bill cleared a GOP filibuster on Monday with critical momentum provided by the Senate's newest Republican, Scott Brown of Massachusetts.

The 62-30 tally to advance the measure to a final vote on Wednesday gives both President Barack Obama and Capitol Hill Democrats a much-needed victory — even though the measure in question is likely to have only a modest boost on hiring. . .

Read more at: MSNBC

Battle of the Radio Hosts: Mark Levin vs. Glenn Beck

Image from Associated Content

I love it when right wing world starts spinning lopsided. I've heard lots of them have love fests for each other plenty of times. Shoot, Mark Levin--given his nasty personality and worse radio voice--probably wouldn't even have a radio show were it not for Sean Hannity featuring him on Hannity's program, and calling him The Great One. Not only does that sound gay, but Levin has no shame about it, even going to the lengths of playing Jackie Gleason's theme song on his show.

But once in a while, the yakkers take each other on. I've lost track of all the mini and major feuds, though I've heard Levin trash Michael Savage, and I've heard Savage trash about everyone else. The latest one to get it, again from Levin, is Glenn Beck. Good. Keep it going, boys!


Mark Levin: I have no idea what philosophy Glenn Beck is promoting. And neither does he

. . .I have no idea what philosophy Glenn Beck is promoting. And neither does he. It’s incoherent. One day it’s populist, the next it’s libertarian bordering on anarchy, next it’s conservative but not really, etc. And to what end? I believe he has announced that he is no longer going to endorse candidates because our problems are bigger than politics. Well, of course, our problems are not easily dissected into categories, but to reject politics is to reject the manner in which we try to organize ourselves. . .

Found at: Mark Levin Fan

CPAC Doesn't Seem Concerned Over Gay Marriage

Image from Qweerty (click to embiggen)

Huh. Apparently, when you poll a group of today's conservatives--at the conservatives prestigious confab, no less--they don't really have a problem with same-sex marriage. Or, at least, they don't think about it very much. In this poll, it doesn't even rate anybody's first choice. CPAC may be confusing to liberals, but I suspect it is even more so to conservatives.


The Meaningless CPAC Poll That Says Arguing Over Gay Marriage Is Meaningless

At CPAC, the annual conference for right-leaning types who want to mingle with Rachel Maddow, attendees were asked a whole slew of questions in a straw (read: non-scientific) poll that will, for the next 48 hours of the blog news cycle, act as the arbiter of what conservative Americans are thinking about this very second. How seriously should we take the poll's results? Not very: Ron Paul(!) scored the most votes for the Republican presidential nomination, ahead of the much-more-likely-in-real-life Mitt Romney. But hey, they asked folks about gay marriage, so let's see what CPACkers said. . .

Read more at: Qweerty

Former Vice President Dick Cheney

Image from source, AOL News

No comment.


Former Vice President Dick Cheney Hospitalized

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was hospitalized Monday with chest pains, according to his office.

Cheney, 69, is resting comfortably at George Washington University Hospital and his doctors are evaluating the situation, his staff said in a statement. . .

Read more at: AOL News

Sign Fail! Alert Sarah Palin!

Well, I haven't found too much fun and exciting to post for the new week yet. Tonight, I'll try harder. For now--as a graphic artist for a sign company--I couldn't resist posting this.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just Askin': Why Is Climate Change a Partisan Issue?

The issue of climate change (or global warming) is--for some reason--a massively partisan issue. Most liberals and progressives will be firmly on the side of climate change science, and believe that something must be done to protect the environment. Many (most?) conservatives believe that climate change is a massive hoax, and that while the climate may be in flux, nothing proves that humans have anything to do with it.

Mmkay. I can see how a person might come to that conclusion, but why is it almost as contentious as abortion, god, guns and gays?

It is true that the earth has gone through warming and cooling periods in eras when man did not produce massive amounts of pollution. It is true that climate science can and has been incorrect in the past. But to conclude that 110+ years of industrial polluting, and automotive exhaust can't possibly affect the environment just seems incredibly naive and stupid to me.

If you've ever seen a model of the earth's atmosphere in relation to the size of the planet, you can see that it is just a thin shell of protection. It seems plausible, in fact likely that pumping metric tons of pollution into the sky must have some kind of effect. But the party of no says. . .well. . .no.

When they will concede that the climate is changing--just that man can't be responsible--and that cutting pollution is desirable, they always have a caveat. Namely, that any effort expended toward that goal should not adversely affect business. And here, I believe we have the core of the partisan nature of the debate.

I know that big business would continue dumping and spewing without care were there no regulations. And I'm aware that Republicans have in the past cut those kinds of regulations and continue to attempt to get rid of them. All politicians, but Republicans especially, are beholden to their corporate campaign funds. Their mouthpieces, like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are beholden to if not Republican at least what now passes for conservative ideals, and those ideals now include backing up corporate interests.

In my experience, many hardcore conservatives are fans of FOX "News" and conservative talk radio, and have a remarkable ability to argue--nearly verbatim--Sean Hannity's or Bill O'Reilly's side of any issue. They seldom can answer follow-up questions, but they have the main talking points down. So when Beck or one of the others rants and raves about the global warming "hoax," their fans are all loaded up with their belief system. No thought required. It just amazes me how easily people can take these opinions to heart, even if it goes against their own self interest. Even if it falls apart under close scrutiny.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, these pundits and talkers must have zero respect for their audience. If you constantly fed your audience a bullshit buffet, and they continued to line up with a plate and fork, could you have any respect for them? Just askin.'

Sigh. . .Sunday Political Babble, Again

I started my Sunday as I do most weeks. I woke up a little later than I meant to, got up, put on coffee, and then started the DVR recording of Meet the Press with David Gregory. His first interview was with General David Petraeus, and it didn't bother me too much. My coffee hadn't kicked in yet, and Petraeus' waffling on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" seemed a little tortured, but whatever.

Then, 2012 Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty, who is probably happy that President Obama broke the "weird name" barrier in 2008. Pawlenty is more pleasant than a lot of prominent Republicans, but he's also like Chatty Kathy talking points doll. And he sticks to them pretty hard. He lost what few points he had with me when he said that our rights as Americans come from God, not the government. I know that is a loose paraphrase of the Declaration of Independence (not a legally binding document, btw), but it skeeves me out in 2010.

Next up was a he said/he said panel of partisans mixed with a couple of journalist-pundits. Their names (except for sing-songy Peggy Noonan) are unimportant. But their babble was aggravating, to be sure. Here are the things that bugged me:

1) Right-wing partisan saying that there was no effort at "real" bipartisanship from Democrats.
- Bull pucky. The health care bills have been watered down and conservatived up the hoo-ha to try and get Republican votes. Nada. This talking point is BS.

2) President Obama is far-left, and governs as an ultra-liberal.
- Hahaha! MOUNTAINS of bull pucky! This is where my understanding of the tea baggers breaks down too. Obama isn't a communist, marxist, socialist, radical! He's upset liberals and progressives because he's been to milquetoasty.

3) Obama should have come in--with a rather large win in the 2008 election--by governing from the middle, even if it did irritate his "base."
- He did! Haven't you been paying attention, Miss Noonan???

4) To be bipartisan, Obama should scrap health care reform, and start again.
- Sure! That's exactly what Bush would do in the same position, right? Cave, and let the other guys have a shot? Riiiggght.

It went on like that. Me yelling at the teevee, and host David Gregory frickin' refusing to ask follow-ups or correct the record. It was ridiculous. And the thing I followed it up with? FOX "News" Sunday with Chris Wallace, with the lead interview being with Senate Minority Leader Mitch (Shelley the Constipated Turtle) McConnell. He's a deck of talking points cards, shuffled in a different order each week--and he does seem to turn up every week somewhere. And McConnell's denial of obstructionism with an all-time record of filibusters is flat-out dishonesty. You lie, Mitch McConnell!

Ron Paul Wins CPAC 2012 Presidential Straw Poll

Image from source, Joe.My.God.



CPAC: Ron Paul Wins 2012 Straw Poll

Loony tune Ron Paul won today's CPAC straw poll on potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates. CPAC's annual straw poll is a closely watched indicator of the rising or falling stars of conservative politicians, although its results aren't necessarily predictive of future electoral success. . .

Read more at: Joe.My.God.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

CPAC Confuses Me. . .A Lot

OK, so this Jimmy Kimmel-looking young Republican dude, Ryan Sorba, gets up and has a snit fit about a gay group (he calls it Go-Pride, it's GOProud) at CPAC. He gives a half-assed justification for gay rights not being "natural rights". . .I lost him in there somewhere. To follow his logic, a lot of straight people ought to be discriminated against due to their "non-procreative" sex acts. An-ee-way, Sorba was greeted by boos and heckling. At a conservative confab! I know!

After reading some right-wing sites like FreeRepublic, I thought all these right-wingers were on the "gay is icky" page, but apparently not. And then, get this: after Sorba takes his douchey ass off the stage, the lady moderating repeats over and over, "freedom of opinion!" Freedom of what now? Is that in the Constitution somewhere? I'm surprised she didn't get booed for not being a strict constructionist.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Blogger Visits Periodontist Again

In 2006, I had a series of periodontal surgeries to correct a gum problem. This was after a series of "deep root planings" by my dentist didn't clear up the pockets. Now, 3-1/2 years later, the problem has returned, but on a smaller scale. I just got home from my most recent surgery, this time on the bottom right of my mouth around three or four teeth. There are no sutures this time, since the doctor used a laser (mmm, I love the smell of my own burning flesh in the afternoon!).

The good news? Apparently there will be reduced bleeding and accelerated healing time with laser surgery. I'll let you know when the anesthesia wears off, and I'm relying only on Tylenol and Loritabs for the seared flesh in my mouth. The bad news? The procedure revealed--voila!--my first cavity in 25 years. So, after my follow-up procedure on this surgery, I must schedule a tooth drilling a week later. Whoopeee!!! Well, at least I've got my Loritab!

Some Thoughts on CPAC

Just a thought on CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). . .

If Dick Cheney is your "rock star," you are:

a) Not a part of some new political movement.

b) Not mainstream politically.

c) Horrifically short of leaders

d) Rooting for a gay rights supporter (!), and

e) Cheering on as a "solution" to our problems one of the guys who caused our problems.

What Happens in Vegas: Barack Obama Visits Henderson, NV

Image from source, Las Vegas Review-Journal

After having "trashed" Las Vegas a couple of times in the past, President Barack Obama is visiting today. Or rather, he's visiting one of our few official suburbs, Henderson (we have lots of regions, but only a couple suburbs). And I put "trashed" in quotes because what the President actually said about Las Vegas was absolutely true. It's just not usually acknowledged (surely not by politicians) that Vegas is all about wasting people's money.

I didn't go to Obama's event today though. I've got rather a full slate today (DMV, surgery), and I've already seen him twice (once at a very early-in-the-race health care event, once at a very-late-in-the-race rally). Still, the dude gives a great speech, so I'm sure it was well received. Unless you're Oscar Goodman, or anybody vying to replace Shelley Berkley, Dina Titus or Harry Reid.


President speaks at Green Valley High School

Rachel Maddow at Conservative Confab (CPAC)

Yes Rachel again, but cut me some slack, Jack! I was at the DMV this morning, and I have oral surgery this afternoon! Plus, it's funny and shows how ballsy our Rachel is. Enjoy.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Family Guy's "Down Syndrome Girl" vs. Sarah Palin

Image from source, Democratic Underground

Well, this is kind of funny. It started out with Sarah Palin wigging out over Rahm Emanuel's admittedly ill-advised use of the word "retard." This was followed by Palin's excuse making of Rush Limbaugh's excessive use of the same word. Palin excused it as satire. Later, after an episode of Family Guy featured a storyline about Down Syndrome, Palin couldn't help herself from criticising it. . .even though it is also satire.

Well, it turns out that the actress in the episode actually has Down Syndrome, and was in on the joke. And she doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of Palin.


"Family Guy" Actress with Down Syndrome Puts Palin in Her Place

. . .In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes. . .

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Republicans Open the Closet Door

I have to say, I think it's kind of brave that the gay Republican group GOProud dared to become part of CPAC, the big conservative confab going on in DC. And of course, I love the fact that it freaks most of the attendees out. Whatever respect I have for GOProud kinda goes out the window though, when I see what kind of nastiness they willingly put up with to belong to such a group.


CPAC Goes Gay

In the run-up to this week's Conservative Political Action Conference, right-wing Christian groups were incensed when they learned that the annual gathering of conservative activists would be co-sponsored by a gay Republican organization called GOProud. A collection of powerful social conservative groups threatened to derail the entire event with a boycott—and lost.

The boycott attempt was led by Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel, a legal advocacy organization founded by the late
Jerry Falwell. After hearing that GOProud would be an official CPAC co-sponsor and would host a booth in the conference's main exhibit hall, Barber wrote in an emai to conservatives around the country. . .

Read more at: Mother Jones

TV is Tricking You When You Least Expect It

We all know that TV special effects are usually faked in some way. But before watching this video, you might not know how common those effects are. Even when there doesn't seem to be any effect at all. It's very well done, and it must save money. Otherwise, why bother? Anyway, they sure have come a long way from the obvious camera trickery on Bewitched or I Dream of Jeanie.


Don't Believe Everything You See on TV

TV fans are used to having special effects in TV shows, but the scenes where special effects or a green screen/Chromakey are used are usually easy to spot, or at least we look at them and say "I bet that was camera trickery or green screen." This video shows that Chromakey is used in almost all TV shows, even ones you wouldn't expect. . .

Source: TV Squad!

Sen. Scott Brown Compares Plane Crash to Movement That Got Him Elected

Something tells me that Senator Cosmo is going to be a hoot to have around. He'd been Senator from Massachusetts for all of 90 seconds when he was gaffing about his daughters being "available." Now, he's comparing Andrew Joseph Stack's (the guy who crashed a plane into a building today) motivation to the motivation of the voters who got him elected. I'd call that a gaffe.


New GOP Senator Scott Brown links guy crashing plane into IRS office to his election - same anger

Seriously. The new Republican Senator from Massachusetts went on FOX News this evening and was asked about the nut who crashed his plane into an IRS office building, because he hates the government. Here is what Scott Brown said, when asked about this possible act of terrorism. . .

Read more at: AmericaBlog

Glenn Beck Loses Mind; Barks Like a Dog

Sorry for two Glenn Beck posts in a row, but I just have to say something. This man is a nut job. His strange "school teacher" persona, but with a bag of crazy schtick puts him squarely in cartoon character territory. Mr. Garrison of South Park territory, to be precise. I wouldn't be surprised to have him introduce "Mr. Hat" and "Mr. Slave"-like characters. It certainly wouldn't be any nuttier. He's already got me uttering Mr. Slave's catchphrase: "Jesus Christ."

Glenn Beck: No Advertisers in England

Image from source, Raw Story

There's something particularly strange about the popularity of Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Rush Limbaugh and the various cartoon characters in right-wing world. No matter what gaffe they make, no matter how prejudiced they are or what they do. . .their fans love them even more.

Busted with somebody else's Viagra on a trip to the Dominican Republic after going deaf from a previous illegal drug habit? No problem! He's still the best! Cribbed notes on your hand at a speech that was almost indecipherable while simultaneously embracing and rejecting the tea baggers? Doesn't matter! We want you to run for President! And Glenn Beck? A Mormon with a rabid right-wing Christian following, and who is absolutely certifiable? Our new leader! So what if he has no advertisers? Obviously he's too good for them!


Glenn Beck runs without ads in UK — for four straight days, activists say

An American political advocacy group aimed at empowering black voices in politics announced Tuesday that the British broadcast of Fox News' Glenn Beck show was forced to run without any paid advertisers last week after the last of the program's corporate sponsors bailed. . .

Read more at: Raw Story

Hypocrisy Without Embarrassment: GOP on Stimulus

Image from source, Think Progress

I'm sure I've written a little about this already. But it needs to stay front and center. For all this "the stimulus was a failure" and "not one job was created" crap, it needs to be pointed out that they are a) lying, and b) privately taking credit for the stimulus' success.


REPORT: After Voting To Kill Recovery, 110 GOP Lawmakers Tout Its Success, Ask For More Money

Today marks the one year anniversary of President Obama signing into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the stimulus. As the economy continued to crater after President Bush left office, Obama’s stimulus sought to provide tax cuts for 95% of working Americans, funds to buoy cash-strapped state governments, new construction and infrastructure projects, and other programs to create jobs, retrain workers, and promote economic activity throughout the country. In December, the Congressional Budget Office reported that the stimulus had successfully created up to 1.6 million jobs, and today, a report shows the Recovery Act will ultimately create 2.5 million jobs. Even the conservative American Enterprise Institute found that the stimulus had boosted the U.S. economy by 4 percent. . .

Read more at: Think Progress

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuck on Stupid: Texans Believe The Flintstones a Documentary

Image from source, The Texas Tribune

OK, that's an oversimplification. But not by much. Thanks to Stupid Monkey Planet for the link.


Meet the Flintstones

Nearly a third of Texans believe humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time, and more than half disagree with the theory that humans developed from earlier species of animals, according to the University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll.

The differences in beliefs about evolution and the length of time that living things have existed on earth are reflected in the political and religious preference of our respondents, who were asked four questions about biological history and God. . .

Read more at: The Texas Tribune

Real Time with Bill Maher Returns on Friday

Image from InclusionInternational

Though I have to look forward to oral surgery on Friday, I can hold on to the fact that Bill Maher returns to HBO's Real Time Friday night. There is a preview up on The Huffington Post, but I can't post it here. The best I can do is link you to it. There's a great Sarah Palin joke in there should you click through.


Bill Maher Talks Sarah Palin's Son, John Edwards's Sex Tape, And Glenn Beck's Tea Bag

Bill Maher is back with the eighth season of "Real Time" premiering this Friday on HBO. To catch up with his fans he's recorded a rant on everything that happened during his hiatus, hitting on topics from health care to Sarah Palin's Fox deal to the Conan/Leno drama. . .

Read more (with video) at: Huffington Post

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