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I've related the various things in my life that have formed my point of view, and motivated me to write. Now you might be wondering (OK, you're probably not, but what the hell), what kind of experience do you have putting together a publication?

I've always had a serious desire to be in publishing. In sixth grade, I teamed with another student in creating a regular "newspaper" called (not coincidentally) The Greenlee Gazette. It was a collection of puzzles, cartoons (of teachers!) and the like. No real news, but the kids seemed to like it. It lasted about 8 issues. Not all that long after, when I was 14, I co-founded and co-edited (with my Mom) a quarterly newspaper called The Indian Relic Trader. This publication had a bit more longevity, 11 years before it was sold. Along the way, we renamed it Prehistoric Antiquities to be more politically correct. I contributed cartoons, logos, layout, and did a heck of a lot of typing.

I was also for a short time, editor of Artifacts Magazine, and also A.R.E.A. Newsline of which I have very little memory other than, again lots of typing.

In high school, I joined the school paper, The Ramble, as Assistant Production Editor. Senior year, I was promoted to Production Editor. I was a roving reporter, columnist, puzzle and cartoon maker, and in charge of layout and design. I also did a complete redesign of the cover, which (I believe) was retained for a few more years.

I majored in Graphic Communications in college, and while I was there, I started a spin-off newspaper to Mom's original called The Comic Book Trader. This was a little overly-ambitious of me, considering there was no easy-to-research World Wide Web back then , and I had no time what with a full-time job and college. But unlike the original paper, I was in charge of the whole ball of wax, from inception to (six issues later) demise.

Since then, I've found my graphic arts and design skills in high demand, regardless of what job I held. I'm currently Graphics Director at a sign company in Las Vegas. But it hasn't been until this blog that I've had the chance to experiment with my writing craft (or lack thereof). I've been a little too excited about the blog, and I'm sure my friends and family are sick of hearing every little detail. Sorry, everybody! Given the millions of blogs out there, my aspirations aren't very high, but I intend to keep it up as long as I can. I'm just having too much fun!

So if you've found me by accident or on purpose, I appreciate your indulgence. Please continue to send your ideas and links, too. After all, my real experience is in editing and publishing. I'm hoping the actual writing keeps pace! Thanks.

UPDATE 01/13/09:
I probably should mention that I'm also not altogether new to the Internet machine, nor to computers in general. I've been using graphics and publishing software almost since it was invented back in the late eighties, and have been self-taught all the way. During a period of unemployment in the early nineties, I taught myself HTML, and produced a website for my mother's business. Later, after attaining gainful employment once again, I developed (and maintain) a website for my current employer.

I dabbled in Internet message boards back when modems were all dial up, and 14Kbps or so. I participated in message boards on Prodigy, and later on AOL and Usenet. While I didn't start this blog until 2007, I've been participating in online communications for close to 20 years.
All of that means I'm probably no more qualified than you are. On the other hand, I'm no less qualified than Sean Hannity or Rush-freakin'-Limbaugh, right?

UPDATE 05/07/10: As I type this, I'm headed to the end of three years blogging. The Blogger software has created new dedicated pages for this sort of thing, so I've rearranged a bit (not that you'll probably notice). After doing this for so long, I no longer feel much need to tout my "qualifications" for the job. As I alluded to above, Limbaugh and Hannity have no special qualifications either, and they are multimillionaires. At least I can attest that I do this because I want to, and thus far haven't made a dime from the endeavor.

Of course, posting a daily blog can feel like an obligation, and can cut into my real life. That's why my posts have been running 4-5 per day on average. I no longer feel like I must post 7-10 things or more per day. Every month, I try to add features, and change things up a bit. Occasionally, I'll over-rely on The Rachel Maddow Show and Countdown with Keith Olbermann clips. And I'll forget to add some genuinely entertaining posts in the middle of all the politics, politics, politics. But I'm still here, and I'm still enjoying it.  Thanks for reading!
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