Friday, August 8, 2014

Sean Hannity Challenges Stephen Colbert

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I had trouble with the headline. I kept wanting to type, "Challenged Sean Hannity," because that man is just not quite right. He has a talent for broadcasting, I'll give him that. But he's rather a savant. Dumb as a box of rocks outside of talking points. But he's the kind of guy who believes his own hype.

Why else would he throw down a challenge to a comedian? And not just a comedian, but a comedian who is playing a character. Hannity makes fun of the fact that Stephen Colbert has writers, which comes off like Hannity making Obama teleprompter jokes. Hannity has writers, and a teleprompter. But the point is moot, because Colbert is an improvisational comic. He does live interviews, and adlibs every single show. He also ran The Colbert Report completely without writers during the writers' strike.

It's no contest, brilliant comedian, verses doofus talking head. You've got Hannity taking Donald Trump-worthy mean jabs in one corner, versus a seasoned, smart performer. I'd watch it though!


Chickenhawk Sean Hannity Issues Lame Challenge To Stephen Colbert

Among the ranks of pseudo-patriots who lip sync to the “Star Spangled Banner” while recruiting other people’s children for every war that comes along, Sean Hannity stands out for his unparalleled hypocrisy and cowardice. This is the same torture advocate who once promised to be waterboarded for charity to prove that it isn’t torture. That was five years ago and he still hasn’t kept that promise. . .

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