Monday, August 25, 2014

Blast from the Past: Pop Culture Rivalries, or, Which is Better?

This week's edition of Blast from the Past is being written between social engagements. So, please forgive me if it's a little long on concept and short on details. I got to thinking about the different camps that settle on any topic. These days, that would be right vs. left, GOP vs. Democrats. Not obvious things, like social issues. Everything. And of course there are rivalries with sports teams, and in other areas of life. But there are also Pop Culture rivalries. Almost everyone has one side or the other (or neither, of course). So, let's get started

1. & 2. - The Brady Bunch  vs. The Partridge Family - This could also be seen as Marcia vs. Laurie or Greg vs. Keith. I was always a Brady.

3. & 4. - The Munsters vs. The Addams Family - Two short-lived but well remembered monster-themed sitcoms ran during the same seasons back in the 60s. Some like both, but most prefer one over the other. I'm an Addams.

5. & 6. - Bewitched vs. I Dream of Jeannie - This one is really Samantha vs. Jeannie, and though I adore Barbara Eden, for me, the clear winner has always been that winsome witch, played by Elizabeth Montgomery. In fact, I'll put her miles above anything else on this list!

7. Gilligan's Island vs. Gilligan's Island - This rivalry is within one show, another short lived, but well loved sitcom. Of course, this battle is between Ginger and Mary Ann. So, I included both theme songs, the one with "and the rest," and the one with "the Professor and Mary Ann!" I fall on the Mary Ann side of this fight.

8. & 9. Lost in Space vs. Star Trek - How this is a contest, I don't even know. Obviously Star Trek is the superior program and concept, but Lost has its fans.

And that's going to have to do! Have a great week, and Happy Monday!

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