Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fellow Citizen: Go Vote!

My fellow Americans, as a lefty-liberal-moonbat Democrat in good standing, I of course hope you don't vote for the clown car full of bozos that is the GOP slate. I'd implore you to vote your best interests, and those of the country. I'd urge you not to vote for crazy people.

But vote. Don't shrug it off. Don't say, "eh, they're all the same." Because they are starkly different in key ways. And if you do go vote, and you get home, and you find yourself depressed because of who ended up winning, remember this: America has the political memory of a goldfish. If Republicans win, voters will be pissed at them in 2016, and we'll get a Democratic wave. In the unlikely case of a Democratic squeaker,* Republicans will likely have an easier time in the next election.

But apparently, the State of the Union is rather irrelevant to actual voting. The economy is doing fairly well. There are big scary things in the news, but there are always big scary things in the news. Ebola has fizzled, at least for the moment. And arguably, Republicans made us more vulnerable on that front in the first place. "People are angry," I keep hearing. But about what, I really have no idea. They don't seem to either, they just sputter about Obama being a dictator and not being a leader. That's a pretty neat trick.

So, I give up trying to explain it. But go vote. It's your civic duty. And if you can round up two or three people who were thinking of not going, even better.

*Now, I just want to say, that I'm fully prepared for a GOP Senate, though I'm not happy about it. But I also won't be surprised if the wave doesn't hit as hard as people think it's going to. It's all going to come down to who gets out the vote. But I'm hoping for a surprise Democratic squeaker or even a 50/50 split. Call me a cockeyed optimist!

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