Friday, November 14, 2014

Keystone XL Pipeline to be Fast-Tracked by Congress - Both Sides Seeking Credit

I really wish somebody could explain this to me. The Keystone XL pipeline is loathed by environmentalists, and some climatologists. If successful, the oil extracted from the sands it will move is allegedly "game over" for the environment. And if it should leak, it could endanger a major aquifer that supplies water to a huge portion of the American populace. It will move oil that isn't ours, and will not be ours when it is sold either. It will employ lots of people for the time it takes to build it, but won't have many long-term jobs at all.

So, why does Right Wing World have a hard on for it, exactly? I know this is a major political football, so much so that both sides of Congress--particularly Louisiana Senate candidates looking at a runoff--are seeking to fast-track it, and try to take credit for it. But why? Why is this priority #1?


Keystone XL Pipeline: Lame-Duck Congress Fast-Tracks Legislation

The tortuous six-year fight over a controversial proposal to funnel oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast took another turn this week after both houses of the lame-duck Congress moved to vote on the Keystone XL pipeline. As the legislation barrels through Congress and heads to the Oval Office, President Barack Obama may soon settle one of the most politically charged debates of the decade. The White House appeared to downplay the congressional maneuvering Wednesday, saying it takes a "dim view of these kinds of legislative proposals. . ."

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  1. First, it will employ people at the refineries, 2nd, democrats also like the pipeline, along with many unions and the dangers are over stated.

  2. Hi, Dan! First, I don't think we're building any additional refineries, are we? 2nd, yeah, it's not all Republicans, true enough. But I still don't understand the passion for it. As for the dangers, have you seen the typical oil spill, and the sad and sorry cleanup technology they have (haven't)? Paper towels, boom, and Dawn soap. That's it.

  3. I hear the Amish are always looking for a few good men, Jamie- they like to live in the past.
    With increasing technology, it limits potential spills and if there is a spill, the new technology helps limit. They use a lot more than Dove and paper towels. There are booms, chemicals to suck up the spills, boom trucks that suck up the oil and much more.
    Would you rather see all this oil be carried by freight trains? Their accidents are a whole lot worse after they go kaboom when they derail.


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