Monday, December 15, 2014

So, It Looks Like Jeb Bush is Running for President

Image from source, Talking Points Memo
Really? We want to go to this well again, do we? Actually, I can't imagine that we do. Jeb Bush would have been a decent candidate in 2000, I suspect. But after George H.W. Bush (a middling president) and George W. Bush (a horrible disaster of a president), I just can't imagine there's a clamor for Jebbie. I'm sure the Karl Roves and Koch Brothers of the world would like it, mostly because he's not crazy on first blush. But the tea baggers won't like him for several reasons, including that he's not crazy enough.

What about the rest of America? There's a contingent that is put off by the idea of a latter-day Bush v. Clinton election, and they have a point. That's two dynasties right there. And though Hillary Clinton has not thrown her pantsuit into the ring just yet, she does have some baggage. Still, her husband was an above-average president, and even made Big Business some bucks. It would be a historical anomaly to be sure, if we had four presidencies from two families in the space of five office holders. It would be stranger still if we had three from one family in the last five. Particularly when the first two were no great shakes. Are we supposed to believe that "third time's the charm?"

I vote no. And though I will vote for Clinton should she run, in my heart of hearts it would be President Elizabeth Warren.


Jeb Bush To Release 250K Emails

Jeb Bush says he's releasing roughly 250,000 emails from his years as Florida's governor. The possible Republican presidential candidate also says he's working on an electronic book. He told a Florida television station during a Saturday interview that he'll release the emails ahead of the e-book next year. . .

Read more at: Talking Points Memo

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