Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Many Republicans Think Climate Change is Real

It's always amazing to me when we see polls and punditry that debate the percentage of people who believe or disbelieve relatively empirical things, based on their political leanings. I mean, who cares how many of group X believe that the earth is round? It's round regardless. And when climate scientists nearly unanimously agree that there is a consensus that man-made climate change is a real thing, being a conservative* shouldn't matter in the equation to whether or not it is "real."

Anyway, to find that any significant percentage of conservatives are seeing the light is a pleasant surprise.

*Now, all of that said, I'd really like to know how being a climate change denier is "conservative" in nature in the first place. Conservative implies conservation, carefulness, caution, tapping the brakes, and being a tight-ass. Today's conservatives are seemingly about wastefulness, heedless of warnings if it hurts profits, full-speed-ahead/damn-the-consequences, and inventing a conspiracy theory amongst scientists while having no rational story for a motive. I don't see any relationship between the "conservative" brand, and the traditional definition of the word.


Despite Current Congress, Many Republicans Think Climate Change Is Real
In Washington, D.C., Rep. Chris Gibson could be considered an anomaly. Unlike 68 percent of his Republican colleagues in the 114th Congress, the congressman from New York does not publicly deny the science of human-caused climate change. In fact, Gibson is one of the small handful of congressmembers who publicly states that climate change is real. He’s even gone so far as to introduce a resolution that would “recognize the reality” of global warming’s dangers. . .

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  1. Lies, lies and more lies. How convenient global warming got changed to "climate change," once huge record breaking snow storms hit- like the one back east occurring now. The only truth about any of it is Al Gore has become filthy rich from it. You know- the guy that created the Internet. Does anyone even read this silly blog?

  2. Huge record-breaking snow storms (and other unusual weather events) are PART of climate change, you insufferable--cowardly anonymous--boob.

    Learn something. Al Gore was instrumental in the creation of the internet and never claimed anything more than that. Go start your own blog if you don't like mine. Cretin.

  3. Ha! Yeah I'm sure you're not trolling anywhere. You're as pure as snow- not!
    You're a dolt for believing this crap.

  4. Please tell me what the hell you're talking about. If you're going to go off-topic, and also refuse to ID yourself, I have no idea where you're coming from, or what the hell you're goin on about. "Not trolling anywhere?" I don't "troll." I always identify who I am, and I always comment honestly. No stirring up shit for the sake of it, no flame wars just to be a bitch.


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