Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Gay Thing: Marriage Equality Comes to Florida

Usually, "Dateline: Florida" equals something very strange, very sad or just baffling. Florida is weird. But this time, it's a good story. Marriage equality is finally a thing in the Sunshine State! The state with Sushi the drag queen dropping from a giant high-heeled shoe every New Year's Day has finally dropped all pretense. Actually, they put up a rather ridiculous, pointless, expensive fight, slowing the process down everywhere they could. But they lost, as has been the case across the country

Image from source, MSN
In all, there are now 36 states (plus Washington DC) where same-sex couples can legally marry. We're getting very, very close to 3/4 of the country (and that's just counting 36/51). Population-wise, we're likely already there. The Supreme Court could decide this year to make it 100%. But in the mean time, a whole lot of gay Disney fans can now plan their weddings!


Same-sex marriages begin in 1 Florida county
Miami-Dade County became the first place in Florida to allow same-sex couples to marry on Monday, half a day before a gay-marriage ban that has been ruled unconstitutional is lifted in the rest of the state. . .

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