Monday, January 5, 2015

Mike Huckabee Quits FOX "News" to Join 2016 GOP Presidential Race

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Though quitting FOX "News," and exploring a run for the GOP presidential nomination isn't quite a lateral move for Mike Huckabee, it's certainly merely a change of position within the same "company." Given the symbiotic relationship between FOX, right-wing talk radio, political celebrity (Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich), and actual elected office and the quest of it, it's just a matter of where the wheels line up. But, there are still a few rules left, and you can't run for president while remaining the host of a national show, so there you are.

This one doesn't trouble me like it would have years ago. I still find the Huckster terrifying on virtually any issue. And his ability to sound like a kindly grandfather, coating even homophobia with home-spun honey and brown sugar is genuinely worrisome. But he's had a show on FOX "News" for years. There are hours and hours of Huck spouting some pretty bizarre shit, and hosting some batshit crazy guests. If there isn't a wealth of disqualifying tape there for even the laziest opposition researcher to find, then what hope is there anyway? No, I'm not worried about a Mike Huckabee presidency. Because if it comes to that, we've got bigger problems. All of that said, the political humor possibilities with this one are endless.


Mike Huckabee Leaving Fox News; White House Run Next?

The former governor of Arkansas is calling it a career at Fox News Channel. The network said Mike Huckabee will announce his exit during Huckabee tonight at 8 PM ET. FNC reported the news during the 5 PM hour, and a spokesman said the split was amicable. Fox News said it will run specials in place of Huckabee’s political commentary show for the next few weeks and will be trying “a few new ideas” in its longtime weekend time slot. . .

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