Thursday, May 21, 2015

David Letterman's Last "Top Ten" List Best One Ever

The Late Show with David Letterman aired its final episode last night, and was--I thought--pretty much a perfect ending. CBS has already run a tribute special on Dave's career, so last night mostly veered away from mawkish sentimentality, and instead hewed to its usual self-deprecating style. This was clear in the star-studded, host-skewering, final Top Ten List.

Personally, I ceased being a regular Letterman watcher not because of anything against Dave or the show, but because of the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert one-two punch, but I very often clicked over afterward to catch the last bit or so. . .until Comedy Central started @Midnight. That said, whenever Jon and Stephen were in reruns, Dave was my backup plan. And I often sought him out via DVR or the internet when he had on great guests, like Rachel Maddow (who did manage a montage shout-out last night, along with Keith Olbermann). Whenever I did catch the show, it was still as good as I remembered. Amazing, really, that they managed to hold the same offbeat vibe from the original Late Night all the way through to the last show. It was a great run.

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