Monday, May 4, 2015

2016 Clown Car Update: Ben Carson Climbs In

While the 2016 edition of the GOP Presidential Clown Car is certainly as feature-rich as the previous models, I can't decide if it is as entertaining. Ben Carson adds a little bit of diversity, not only by his distinctly different hue, but for his background. Yes, I know that Rand Paul is sort of a doctor, but not a real one (unless you buy his self-accreditation). Carson, though, is a surgeon. That's impressive.
But, I was taught that "book smarts" don't always equal practical smarts. From what I've seen, Carson is kind of scattershot in that regard. He's not completely wrong on everything. He's really bad at analogies. He's got a few very conservative social stances, and yet seems to support dying with dignity (which would go against the Schiavo "pro-life-at-all-costs" contingent). I doubt he's as sanctimonious as a Huckabee, as off-the-wall as Herman Cain or as bananas as Sarah Palin. But he might give this rolling side show a little flavor.

Detroit native Ben Carson set to announce presidential run
Dr. Ben Carson is choosing Detroit for a little prayer and politicking today — with a schedule that includes a prayer breakfast with city pastors, an assembly at the Detroit high school that bears his name and the official launch of his presidential campaign. . .
Read more at: Detroit Free Press

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