Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Gay Thing: The Polygamy "Slippery Slope" Debunked

Conservatives seem to think that civil rights ought to depend upon a whole list of "what ifs." They propose endless hypothetical pitfalls to allowing equal civil rights to a group, using the classic slippery slope argument. Pointing out to them that the slippery slope is not merely a logical fallacy, but one of the big ones, does nothing to dissuade them. Well, let's be honest, cold hard facts generally do nothing to dissuade them. But the point of online arguments is often not to convince the politically entrenched, but those on the fence. Those for whom "truthiness" can sometimes cloud an issue. So, here's a quick, easy to follow debunking of the gay marriage will lead to polygamy (and other things) argument. Maybe someone will show it to Ben Carson.

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