Friday, July 3, 2015

2016 Update: Jim Webb Joins Democratic Race

Can you feel the excitement? Yesterday, I may have jumped the gun with my inclusion of Scott Walker into the GOP Clown Car. He announced that he's announcing by filing the paperwork, but it's pretty much a done deal. That was met by general yawns across the country. But it's not a sleep-inducing as Jim Webb (who?) joining the other side.

Yes, it is possible that Hillary Clinton will have some sort of major disqualifying event occur, or that the Bernie Sanders juggernaut becomes a field-smashing phenomenon (I wouldn't get too excited yet), or that some other cataclysm could befall Democrats. But barring all that, right now Jim Webb is not setting the field on fire. Wake me if something interesting happens.

Democratic ex-Va. Sen. Jim Webb announces presidential bid

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb announced Thursday that "after many months of thought, deliberation and discussion" he has decided to run for president of the United States.
In an over 2,000-word blog post, Webb writes that he decided to run because the United States needs "proven, experienced leadership that can be trusted to move us forward from a new President's first days in office. . ."
Read more at: CNN

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