Thursday, July 2, 2015

2016 Clown Car Update: Now it's Scott Walker's Turn to Drive

[UPDATE 07/13/15: He actually got in today. It's tough to sort out the pre-announcements, and the accidental leaked announcements, etc., etc.]

This is really getting kind of absurd. But it's not unexpected. In fact, it's odd that Walker waited so long to declare his candidacy.

Walker kind of fits in the folk hero model, but is more than just a little bit of a hollow man, I think. Not a lot of substance there, but potentially not a lot of skeletons or obvious disqualifiers either. I think there's a bit of puffery in his resume, and the fact that he didn't finish college means maybe I should run for president! I mean, at this point, why not?


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker entering 2016 presidential race
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a preacher's son who withstood a recall election spawned by his fight with public employee unions, is joining the crowde 
d Republican presidential race, aides said. . .

Read more at: AOL


  1. Walker's my pony in the race and I think he will get the nomination, if he has the fortitude to stay in the race for the long haul.
    He knows how to beat Democrats and Walker has had everything thrown at him by the democrats in the past few years, so he is seasoned enough to battle with the big boys.
    As far as you running for president, heck I'd vote for you.
    But you don't need to be a college graduate of college to be president- I'm sure his on the job training is more than sufficient.

  2. All righty then! I hereby declare my candidacy! :)


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