Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Donald Trump Word Salad Puts Sarah Palin's to Shame

Image from Mother Jones.
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Donald Trump is the king of the parenthetical. I've been trying to point this out to people for his entire run. He can barely get through a single sentence without veering into a parenthetical tangent. Give him credit for somehow steering the cart back onto the road, most of the time. But here is an example of Trump putting parentheticals in parentheticals, like little tangent nesting dolls. It's a sight to behold.  

What's funny is, I was reading the commentary below the story I got this from, and one of the commenters mentioned that people were being unfair. That any speaker's parenthetical speech patterns look terrible when transcribed. In fact, that the art of transcription itself can wreck what a person really had to say. Then, a naysayer pointed out that there is video, and it doesn't help at all. It's kind of hilarious. But also a little horrifying.  

And on my own tangent, herewith is my favorite comment:

AvatarDonald Trump's hair looks like it was scared really badly and it stood straight up and screamed and then it died, and he combed it gently so it looked nice for the funeral.


I Have No Headline Worthy of Donald Trump's Latest

I hesitate to drop the P-bomb, but this bit of word salad from Donald Trump is eerily Palinesque. How is it possible that Spy magazine is no longer around to explain this to the world?

Read at: Mother Jones

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