Monday, October 12, 2015

SNL Skewers FOX & Friends Yet Again

One of my favorite Saturday Night Live recurring segments is their semi-regular skewerings of (the very oddly named) FOX & Friends. It must be quite difficult to parody an already ridiculous and idiotic program, but they never fail to make me laugh. Particularly when they run "corrections from the previous hour."


  1. How are they (Fox and Friends) any different from any other morning show on the major networks?

  2. Network morning programs have always been a mix of soft news, human interest, pop culture, cooking, and other things of interest to (largely) stay-at-home moms, though they've evolved over the years. These days, they're a less female-centric "The View." Morning Joe is almost all politics and news commentary, with daily obsessions about how all of this is bad for Hillary Clinton. And FOX & Friends? Well, it's oddly named, I've always thought. It's always got a leggy blonde front-and-center. . .

    And I guess what makes it different, is that they've taken their basic FOX formula of "news from the right" and dipped it in stupid and coated it with sugar. The SNL parody does a good job of highlighting that, though they give Doocy and Hasselbeck too much credit, and give all of the stupid to Kilmeade. The real F&F team seems to hold up an issue, and examine it from the dumbest, most speculatively goofy angle. And everything seems to be "now, I don't know this to be true, I'm just asking. . " kind of speculative but highly critical and sometimes wacky conspiracy theory place.


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