Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Keith Olbermann Returning to MSNBC?

Image from source, Examiner
I'm leery of getting too excited about this one. So far, the sources I've read have seemed skeptical themselves. But if it's true, it's very good news. With the loss of Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report (we keep Stephen, but it's not quite the same, is it?), having a good strong voice for progressives. Crossing fingers, I guess time will tell.


MSNBC working to bring Keith Olbermann back to the network, report says
After falling behind Fox News and CNN in the ratings, the liberal leaning MSNBC has struggled to rebound. While the network has shifted to a more centrist position, it appears one of the most popular liberal hosts in the channel's history could be making a comeback.

MSNBC started to make changes in the summer, dropping "The Ed Show," "Now with Alex Wagner," and "The Cycle," and replacing their mid day opinion shows with a more traditional news format. Veteran news anchor Brian Williams, and host of "Meet the Press," Chuck Todd, have also returned to the network to provide a more balanced approach. With these changes also comes the possibility that the network is not done fine-tuning their brand. According to Mediaite on Oct. 6, Keith Olbermann could be returning to the front of the camera. . .

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