Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Donald Trump Mispronounces "Nevada" Braggadociously

How to make an ass of yourself in Nevada, by Donald Trump.
Image from source, Washington Post.
Many states have multiple pronunciations, even within their borders. Nobody, for instance, cares how you pronounce "Ohio." Most would agree--even those with heavy accents--that the proper pronunciation is ōˈhīō. You might put the emphasis on the HI, you might put it on both Os. But you can also say "uh-HI-uh," and you'll be fine. You can say Oh-HIGH-yo, and nobody will blink. But in other states, a wrong pronunciation means "outsider" and/or "rube." Don't say "orry-GONE" in Oregon. Don't say "i-oh-WAY" in Iowa. Don't say "arr-Kansas" in Arkansas. And whatever you do, don't say "Nuv-ODD-uh" in Nevada.

It's "Nev-ADD-uh." ADD not ODD. It may sound like a small thing, and frankly it is. But if you're looking to score points with the locals, you don't say it wrong. And nobody has said it so ostentatiously wrong. So spectacularly, braggadociously wrong. Nobody but Donald Trump.


Trump’s pronunciation of ‘Nevada’ draws scrutiny

RENO, Nev. – “Ne-VAHHHH-duh.”

That was Donald Trump at a rally here Wednesday, confidently demonstrating he understood the local pronunciation of this swing state by drawing out the second syllable for effect.

Except that locals don't say it that way. They say “Nev-AD-uh. . ."

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  1. Much like my current location... If you say it wrong you ain't from around these parts & gots no biznuzz tellin' us wut's wut. So take yer snake oil cart & get the fuck out of Dodge.


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