Monday, October 17, 2016

Former "Reasonable Republican" Josh Barro Dumps Republican Party: ‘F–k It, I’m Out’

If you watch MSNBC very much, you've seen a pundit from Business Insider named Josh Barro. He's young, attractive and fit, and he's a Republican. An especially odd duck, a reasonable Republican. And this was before the recent wave of conservative commentators the network has insisted on presenting of late, in an effort to rebrand as a more serious, less explicitly liberal news channel.

Well, Barro used to be the reasonable Republican. Now, he's a reasonable Democrat.


Josh Barro Leaves GOP for Democratic Party: ‘F–k It, I’m Out’

Business Insider senior editor Josh Barro tweeted, “F–K it, I’m out,” with a link to an article explaining why he left the GOP to join the Democratic Party on Sunday – and just like that, the Republicans had one less member. . .

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