Thursday, February 5, 2015

Greenlee Gazette Makes the Move Home

As I sit and type this, The Other Half is sleeping in, as is my brother who spent the night with us at my parents' manse with us. This is my first blog post since late in our final days of residency in Las Vegas Nevada. My blog was born there in Vegas, in the waning years of the George W. Bush administration, starting as an outlet for my frustrations politically, and as an area to express myself, practice my writing skills, to develop a hobby, and to test my fortitude.

Seven and a half years later, and now over 2000 miles from there, I'm back after a short hiatus. Blogging--if you didn't know--is a hefty time commitment. And when your readership is as random and diffuse as mine is, can lack feedback. So, even though I feel a sense of self obligation to "get something up there," I pushed all of that to the back of my mind, and just pulled the plug for the duration of the move. Now that I'm back up and running, sort of, I'm going to have to just stick a toe in. Get back up to speed, as it were.

I'll be writing more about my transition from 20 years literally in the desert, back to my home state, very near my home town. But for the time being, as we look for a new house, and actually finish the project of physically moving in, I'll just try to get the blog back up to speed. From the looks and sounds of things, I'll have plenty to write about. So, please stick with me. This place will be back to normal shortly (even if it's missing the What Happens in Vegas feature).

Thank you!


  1. Hey, congrats on the first part of the move and now the hard part- finding a place and moving in. Good luck with that.
    Did you sell your home in Henderson?
    And I am sure the people of Ohio will expect you to bring the warmer weather, but how are you handling the increase of humidity the have? See any snow yet?
    Good luck and now I will have to hate you because you live in the land of the Buckeyes and I from the land of Badgers and Badgers eat Buckeyes.
    Seriously, good luck and will miss your Vegas perspective and now you will have fun with John Kasich, who is even more right wing than Sandoval.

  2. I think the Badgers got pummeled with Buckeyes this past year. . . :)

    Not a football fan, though it is heresy here to say so, so I'll pretend. Humidity isn't much of a problem until summer, it's the deep, cold snow on top of the state-wide skating rink that's at issue right now. But we'll brave the weather, and wait for it to melt. I lived here for my first three decades and The Other Half pretty much did too. We'll re-acclimate, but we will miss the desert, I know that.

    I DO realize that we've gone past the RED line into Republicanville in Ohio. Well, sorta. I mean, yes, the legislature of the state and many cities is conservative after the last election. BUT, this state has gone for Obama TWICE. Buckeyes are apparently fickle in that regard. I'm not particularly a fan of having a former FOX "News" host as governor, and I did kind of like Sandoval. We'll see what the future brings. If nothing else, it will give me something to blog about! I'll be back to that really soon, I hope. I keep thinking I'm going to get re-started, then we have stuff to do. Maybe tonight, definitely by mid-week.

    Thanks for the well wishes!


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