Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Idaho Lawmaker Literally Thinks Babies Come Out of Mommy's Tummy

Vito Barbieri (R-Obviously), whose parents apparently never have
him "the talk."
The stupid. It burns. As a camera would have to do to get from a woman's digestive tract to her vagina. Jesus, I'm a gay guy, and I knew more about the lady parts than this guy.


Idaho Lawmaker Wonders If Women Could Have A Gyno Exam By Swallowing A Tiny Camera
An Idaho lawmaker revealed his confusion about female anatomy during a legislative debate over a proposed abortion bill on Monday. According to the Associated Press, Idaho Rep. Vito Barbieri (R) asked a doctor testifying before the House State Affairs Committee whether a woman could have a remote gynecological exam by swallowing a tiny camera. Dr. Julie Madsen told him no, that’s not possible, because items that are swallowed do not end up in the vagina. . .

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  1. Wow... what an offense. So much worse than supporting babies being sucked out of the womb or having a pair of scissors jabbed into their neck.

  2. My commentary was reserved for an idiot elected official, not the practice of abortion. Abortion isn't on my radar.


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