Thursday, February 26, 2015

Primal Instincts

Succubus attack.
UPDATE 02/26/2015: Pussy so good that if you threw it up in the air it would turn into sunshine...

It's been awhile since I've grabbed a vine & took a swing at the Greenlee Gazette but I figure with our Dear Editor being tied up trying to figure out why he moved into an igloo, I can maybe take a couple of minutes & bless this blog with a little poo flinging.

Here we go.

In case you missed it... Out here in the Northwest sticks of the Oregonian part of the good ole US of A, our governor has resigned due to his, uh, "misassociations"™, if you will.

Now I'm not gonna get into the politics or the lawlessness of it all, there's plenty of that already out there. I'd like to touch on the part of it that belongs solely to the monkeys... Us monkeys.

This entire situation boils down to our animal instincts... Our primal instincts. Governor John Kitzhaber is nothing more than a victim of his primitive monkey loins. Fucking. That's it. Straight, gay, bi, tri or politician - sex is what it's all about. Sure there's money to be made, but really all that bouillon is ultimately used to achieve something primal with one, more or all of the aforementioned monkey fuckers.

"No way!!! That bitch!"
Poor old governor Kitzhaber genuinely got fucked on this one. Seriously, he scored a great piece of ass when it came to Cylvia Hayes. She is really hot by the politically involved litmus scale. She's even hotter than that Sarah Jessica Palin chick.... Or whatever that nasally Eskimo's name is???

He just couldn't see past that chance at some poon. He missed the illegal stuff, the green-card marriages, the pot farm, the money, the pool boy, the reserved parking spaces at the front of the liquor store, the fact that her constant answer to serious questions he asked was a blowjob... He missed it all. Her pussy was just that marvelous, I guess. Like sunshine.

Cylvia Hayes was was able to politically & socially crush a 4th term governor with her primal pussy power (P³ Destruction™). Can you imagine that????!!! A politician losing everything over sex??? I know, I know... It's easy to imagine it. It's happened before & it'll happen again. It's primal instincts... It's the Stupid Monkey in us all.

Spunky little fucker, ain't it?

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  1. Thanks, Rev! I just popped in to do some actual BLOGGING, if you can believe it, and there you were. Thanks for the pinch-hit. I'm going to try to get back on the whore. . .er. . .horse, as it were. Falling back into blogging habit can REALLY difficult, I had no idea. But I really have no excuse. I've got a several week stretch, and I'm more or less snowed in. So, I'm committing to several posts a week for the time being. Let's see If I can stick to it!

    And yes, it's an igloo. I went out today--weather channel assured me it would be okay--and got a world of snow dumped on me. Had to re-learn my decades old snow driving skills! And let me tell you, we thought Vegas drivers were bad? Columbus drivers are--pardon me, Buckeyes, but it's true--STUPID MONKEYS.


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