Monday, March 30, 2015

Indianapolis Star Demands: Governor Pence, Fix This Law

Wow. Front page, pretty much the entire "above the fold" section of the paper. Of course, The Indianapolis Star has to give Governor Pence the benefit of the doubt by couching the demand in "whatever the original intent of the law" language (we know the intent, it was clear, despite the back-peddling). But I'm impressed with the swift and furious response to this law, something Pence obviously thought was going to work to his advantage. He couldn't have been more wrong.


Image from source, IndyStar
Editorial: Gov. Pence, fix 'religious freedom' law now
We are at a critical moment in Indiana's history. And much is at stake. Our image. Our reputation as a state that embraces people of diverse backgrounds and makes them feel welcome. And our efforts over many years to retool our economy, to attract talented workers and thriving businesses, and to improve the quality of life for millions of Hoosiers. . .

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