Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Schocked! Congressman Aaron Schock Resigns Amid Multiple Scandals

Well, helllloooooo, Mr. Schock!
The hottie Congressman from Illinois has finally stepped in so much doody, that his backtracking and backpeddling is only spreading it all around. The sexually ambiguous Representative is in it up to his eyeballs (balls deep, as it were), and has decided it's all just too much. And so, he's stepping down from Congress. Which is pretty amazing. And it makes me wonder how long it'll be until the coming out party.


Aaron Schock, Politically Dead at 33

Aaron Schock painted his office to look like landed gentry, but at the end a series of damaging stories he was reminded he was a public servant. And as of March 31, he won’t even have that title. Schock’s sudden resignation on Tuesday ended a 44-day free fall from power that began after a reporter from The Washington Post noticed his brightly hued-office made to look like the set of Downton Abbey. . .

Read more at: The Daily Beast

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