Saturday, February 20, 2016

GOP Clown Car Update: Jeb! Dumped to the Curb

Poor Jebra. Donald Trump set his sights on him as his chief rival (which never really materialized, so Trump either did well or guessed completely wrong, your call). And ultimately, Jeb! finally saw the writing on the wall: he was throwing good money after bad. Actually, it's kind of amazing. He was flush with cash at the beginning of this thing. I think the GOP bubble should take a long serious look at the political operatives in Jeb's outfit, and bar them ever advising another campaign. . .

WAIT, what am I saying? Put them to work immediately on the Trump campaign! Yeah, that's the ticket! It couldn't fail!

Bye, Jebbie.


Jeb Bush suspends his campaign

Haunted by his famous last name and perpetually stuck in the shadows of his anti-establishment rivals, Jeb Bush repeatedly confronted rejection by voters and frustrating setbacks throughout the 2016 presidential race. . .

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