Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Craziness of Campaign 2016: What More is There to Say?

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I just opened my blog, and was surprised to find that I hadn't posted anything since last Sunday. Oops. And why? I guess, because I'm kind of at a loss for what to say. Politics has become so crazy, what good is a hobbyist blogger/pundit? Even the professional pundits are continually wrong when none of the rules apply anymore.

Donald Trump, the front-runner of the GOP nomination, is continuing to defy gravity on the force of his cult of personality. To those of us completely outside the bubble, and people like me who have intensely disliked the man for decades (long before he was either a politician or a Republican), it's utterly baffling. The candidate himself has been rude, crude, and thoroughly unpresidential. He's been more than vague on details, he's been nearly incoherent, besides coming down on both sides of nearly every issue in his days in the spotlight. His followers claim to want to "make America great again," while showing every desire to burn it down. They have a cartoonish, false impression of the current president, of the state of the union, of the reasons for their ever-present anger, for who is to blame for their vague set of grievances, and for what the solution should be.

THAT much is clear. Because for all the ills they seem to think this country has, their favored candidate is one with no diplomatic skills, no political experience, no restraint, no filter and no desire to show anyone how he'd go about fixing any of these "problems." But, I'm sure, even with my sporadic blogging, if I were to go back through my recent posts, I'm sure I've said all of this before. What more is there to say? What the good goddamn is wrong with "conservative" America?

And I put conservative in quotes, because by no measure do even hard-line conservative bedrock values even figure in to their lockstep Trump allegiance.

I'm sitting down to watch the latest GOP debate on CNN. It will likely inspire a post or two, so maybe I'll have a few more things up on the blog. But my gosh, this is turning into a real shitstorm.

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