Thursday, February 11, 2016

Help Kickstart The Randi Rhodes Show

Radio Goddess Randi Rhodes retired a couple of years ago, breaking the heart of this daily listener. As much as I love The Stephanie Miller Show (even sans Chris Lavoie), Randi was always my girl. And now she's attempting a comeback. I'm presently on a bit of a financial diet while The Other Half and I pursue career changes, but then I thought. . .hey, I've got this here blog thingy! If nothing else, I can promote her. So, please, if you ever were a fan, check out this video, head on over to the site (bounce your boobies if you feel like it), and consider helping crowd fund this needed voice.

Randi Rhodes Air Force


  1. So, just curious, what jobs are you and the better half doing or trying to get into?

  2. For me, a reboot of the same, sign design. For him, looks like something still in aviation, but this time on the ground. We're still working it out. We structured it so that we'd have plenty of time to figure it out, but our "temporary early retirement" has to end some time, sadly. Very nice while it lasted. Thanks for asking!


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