Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Horrors: Miles Fisher's Horror Parody Videos

Here's a repost of a Halloween Horrors post I did last year. For the last few years since Final Destination 5 came out, I've been expecting the actor/singer in these clips to get really famous. Not yet, apparently. But he's very talented. Take a look.


Miles Fisher is a very attractive young man, looking like a cross between Tom Cruise and Christian Bale. Not surprisingly, he has impersonated both on film. Perhaps his most notable role so far has been in the horror film Final Destination 5, in which he has not one but two death scenes. Apparently, Fisher got on well with his cast from that film, since he got them to participate in one of his music videos, a gore extravaganza that melds Final Destination with--of all things--Saved by the Bell.

So, Halloween is the perfect time to feature both his New Romance video, described above, along with his American Psycho homage, This Must Be the Place. Both are very inventive, and enjoyable, and demented. Plus, he's ridiculously handsome. How can you go wrong?

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