Friday, October 17, 2014

The Gay Thing: Arizona Joins Marriage Equality States; Alaska Re-Joins

Well, well, well. As my favorite blogger Joe Jervis at Joe.My.God. is fond of saying, "Zoom, zoom." We've basically racked up 12 states in 12 days into the marriage equality camp. That puts us--unless my math is wrong--at 31 states plus Washington DC with same-sex marriage! 19 (plus Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, etc.) to go!

These two states are particularly shadenfreude-filled, because both states have had a lot of anti-gay animus from the GOP leadership. A hearty Nelson Muntz "Ha ha!" to anyone feeling even a modicum of discomfort over this subject. And perhaps, in addition to the futility of obstruction seen in Nevada and Idaho, this will illustrate to other states that are dragging their feet. It's quite simply a waste of money to try to delay any longer, particularly in any state where a Circuit Court has already ruled. Texas, Louisiana, Ohio. . .your circuits haven't ruled yet, so you have a (tiny) ledge to stand on here. But I wouldn't throw much of the budget at it, if I were you.


Supreme Court Allows Gay Marriage In Alaska

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday allowed gay marriage in Alaska to go into effect, increasing the number of U.S. states that permit gay marriage to 31. . .

Read more at: Huffington Post


Judge strikes down Arizona's ban on gay marriage

A federal judge has cleared the way for legally recognized gay marriages in Arizona by ruling that the state's ban on same-sex unions is unconstitutional. The ruling Friday by U.S. District Judge John Sedwick bars state officials from enforcing a 1996 state law and a 2008 voter-approved constitutional amendment that outlawed gay marriage. . .

Read more at: MSN/AP


  1. There is no good reason to deny that we must keep evolving until an adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, monogamy or polyamory, race, or religion is free to marry any and all consenting adults. The limited same-gender freedom to marry is a great and historic step, but is NOT full marriage equality, because equality "just for some" is not equality. Let's stand up for EVERY ADULT'S right to marry the person(s) they love. Get on the right side of history!

  2. I had a rather lengthy reply to you, but Google ate it. Let me just say that the one thing in your list that doesn't fit is multiple-spouses. You've made no argument for it, it isn't an equality issue, it doesn't naturally follow from same-sex marriage any more than it did for interracial marriage, and I don't believe you're being serious. But feel free to take up a banner and start your own parade. Who's stopping you?


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