Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017: New Beginnings

If you're a person who has read Greenlee Gazette in the past, you're both rare, and aware that in recent weeks and months, I haven't bee blogging very regularly. As I've struggled to relate, there are many reasons for this, chief among them that my need to unload, to get my ideas out there, have been met in other ways over the years. I felt almost alone back in 2007 when I started this thing, unheard, almost in an alternate universe where facts didn't seem to matter. Karl Rove and the Bush team said and did what they wanted, and people seemed to take it at face value. It was very aggravating and depressing, and blogging provided an outlet for all of that.

And boy, was I prolific! I started slowly, and then burst into a many-times-per-day blogger, logging hundreds, even once thousands of posts per year. Now, I'm lucky to get a few posts up per week. I've pondered just calling it quits, but I really don't want to do that. So, I've been sputtering out a few things here and there. And I was set to really give it a go again after Trump won the presidency. After all, we've circled back around to surreality of a Twilight Zone norm for politics.

People love this guy? Newsflash: I don't.
Very likely, I'm going to be happy to have kept the blog going. And I guess there was no real danger of it being deleted. It just might have sat here, unaltered for the rest of Blogger's existence. But the Trumpster fire that is only just getting flared up will need commentary, and I'll need concentrated doses of brain dumpage that Twitter can't really provide. So, I'll be here in 2017.

It just may take a little effort to really get going. Life got a little out of balance for completely un-Trump related reasons, recently. After almost two years working from home part time, I finally got a full-time job. That in and of itself would be fine, after all, I was fully employed for most of my blogging years. But I still have my part-time at-home job too! And I sorely need to work in where I'm going to be getting some exercise (not to mention dieting). So, scheduling is a bit of a problem.

But I'll sort it all out somehow. I'll want to, I'm sure, as this new post-Obama era gets into full, ludicrous speed. In the meantime, I just wanted something up here on January 1, to prove I'm still here!


  1. Well, first, congratulations on getting a new job. I am in the same boat, except now that my wife died on Thursday, it does change things a lot.
    You have the same feelings that I have had for the past 8 years, except I had to deal with a worthless GOP Congress.
    Hang in there because you will have a field day with Trump and the GOP.

  2. Oh wow, Dan, I'm sorry about your wife. That's terrible. So sad. 2016 packed a mean punch. I lost a very good friend in March, one so stupidly full of life, it was hard to even absorb. Still is. What a terrible thing. Again, sorry for your loss.

  3. Thanks, Jamie.
    I know you are an atheist but if you have seen what I have seen after Cathy died you would change your mind.
    Within 24 hours of her passing, our lemon tree bloomed numerous flowers after she died. My daughter has been searching for a Wisconsin quarter for years, at least 4vyears. She went Family Dollar for a drink got 1 quarter back and it was a Wisconsin quarter. Her phone called my mom's and her best friend's phone's with no one touching the phone. My daughter heard my daughter's medication being shakedown in my daughter's bathroom. That was Thursday into Friday.
    Yesterday, her best friend found a 10 year old card Cathy sent her when Cathy's friend mom died. It said Cathy was going on her journey. At church, immediately after the rosary, my text ringtone changed from my ringtone to herself while my phone was in her pocket. Then last night I awoke when, in my dreams, I heard yell Hey! Hey!
    I don't know how you would explain it but to me Cathy is telling us She is ok,in peace and prancing us from her afterlife.

  4. Oh, I'm not a hardline, full-bore atheist, Dan. I've experienced things "from beyond" myself, including seeing my grandfather after he died. I just don't go for hocus-pocus, cloud-nine kinds of human understanding religion. I'm NOT beyond knowing and saying that there probably is more to existence (including the possibility of other planes of existence) than we know, or CAN know. And I hope if it's possible, I can pull the same sorts of stuff your wife seems to be doing! It's got to help you cope, and she's probably having fun doing it! I'd have to actually FULL ON haunt somebody just for kicks! :) Again, sorry for your loss, but great for you that you're getting these signs of solace.


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