Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump Presser Lawyer's Firm "Russia Law Firm of the Year"

Ugh. What a preview. Image from source, Law Newz
It's difficult to know how to begin this year, as a blogger. Especially as a mostly absentee blogger of late. How do you just jump in to this vortex of hard-to-believe Trumpgasms and Tweetstorms and just cartoonish, badly written alt-reality fiction we seem to be somehow living in?

Today, Donald Trump finally held a press conference, on the heels of both President Obama's farewell speech (which was tremendous, believe me), and the release of damning information both linking Trump to Russia, and showing him to be something of a perv. The usual painful, embarrassing delivery was on display, of course. The word salad was in evidence. Occasionally, he made sense for a few minutes. And apparently, when he had his lawyer speak, it was a welcome event, since she seemed to know what she was talking about (but still couldn't get through it without a slew of pro-Trump talking points). But even her apparent professionalism was tainted with potential scandal.

If this story is to be believed (and it's pretty believably sourced), that lawyer representing Trump is from a firm that won "Russia Law Firm of the Year" in 2016. No joke. I can't even. . .


Law Firm Representing Trump Rated ‘Russia Law Firm of the Year’

Earlier today, Donald Trump held a press conference, where his attorney, Sheri Dillon, spoke regarding Trump’s business interests. As noted, Dillon is a partner at the law firm Morgan Lewis & Bokius. Using the services of the firm makes sense for Trump, as Morgan Lewis is a world-renowned organization. In fact, just last year, Chambers and Partners rated them as the top firm in a certain country, and guess which one it is. . .

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