Monday, January 23, 2017

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann #25: This Man is Dangerous (Conservatives Should Watch This)

It might behoove conservative thinkers--that is, those Trump voters who are more than just knee-jerk, blind faith supporters--to actually watch a few of these videos, starting with this one. That goes for watching Rachel Maddow too, by the way. It's okay, take small doses. But you might just find, especially with Olbermann's new, more level-headed vibe, that while you won't agree 100% (or maybe even 50%), that there is something to what is being said. At the very least, you might get some understanding where liberal thinkers are coming from.

Now, before you revert to calling me a snowflake in search of a safe space, hear me out. A lot of conservatives have complained about the "divisiveness" of the Obama years. We very likely disagree on the reasons for that. But you know what? It is the willingness of extreme partisans on both sides to believe the worst about the other side as the default that keeps that divisiveness alive.

So, do me a favor. Watch this, at least the first 60 seconds. You're going to hear things here that you didn't expect. You're going to hear an argument that comes from actual reasoned thought, not bleating, shouting, crying or whining. As I said, it may not sway you (for sure, I've listened to tons of alt-right programming, and never been swayed an inch), but it might give you some insight to how the other side really ticks, rather than the easy, silly "libtard" insults.

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