Friday, February 7, 2014

America Still Remembers: Bush to Blame for Economy Crash

Image from source, TPM
I don't generally credit my fellow Americans with memories much longer than that of "Dory" in Finding Nemo. So, color me pleasantly surprised at this news!

CNN Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush For Struggling Economy

Five years into Obama's presidency 44 percent of Americans still blame former President George W. Bush and the Republican Party for the country's economic woes, while 34 percent blame President Obama and Democrats, according to a CNN/ORC International poll released Thursday.
While more Americans fault Bush for the state of the economy, blame on the former president and Republicans has dipped since 2012, when 57 percent held Bush responsible compared to 35 percent who viewed Obama more culpable. . .
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  1. Survey had 29% Democrats in the poll, so, that leaves 15% of brain dead independents. make up the rest of the survey.
    Anyone who blames Bush for the economy today just are not smart people or are partisan.

  2. Bush takes a huge chunk of blame for getting us here, absoultely.


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