Friday, February 21, 2014

Right Wing Crank Brent Bozell Turns Out to be a Fraud

Yes, he always looks like that. Image from source, RawStory
Brent Bozell makes himself out to be the watchdog of the "liberal media," with his "Media Research Center" and its cranky blog, NewsBusters. Bozell has written about every hard-right topic, railed against the faintest whiff of liberal bias, complained about the gays and abortion and sexy times on the teevee machine. He's a prolific writer, with books and a newspaper column.

But then again, maybe not. Because it would seem that Bozell is something of a fraud. Much, most or maybe even all of Bozell's writings have actually been written by someone else. For years. How do you suppose NewsBusters will cover this one?


Papers dropping Brent Bozell after conservative media critic admits he didn’t write his columns
A longtime arch conservative crusader against feminism, secularism, marriage equality and other LGBT rights has been exposed as a figurehead whose books and columns were all written by an uncredited underling. According to Talking Points Memo, one widely-read Iowa newspaper dropped media commentator Brent Bozell’s column in the wake of his exposure and received not a single protest from any reader. . .

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