Friday, February 28, 2014

Blogger Taking a Short Break. . .Back Later!

It's been a long week you guys. Kitchen and bathroom remodel in the middle of a work week. Living in a house with things that aren't where they should be. The Other Half has been gone, and I've just been either busy or tired.

I'll be back in here some time today, but for now? Bedtime.

UPDATE: Still tired, and obligated to more events than usual. But back by Sunday evening for sure!


  1. Dude, remodeling in the middle of the work week? Are you an old fart who just retired or are you independently wealthy?

  2. Neither, at least not yet! No, the contractor comes when the contractor comes! Thanks to friends and neighbors, I was able to both work, and be around when necessary. But it throws the whole house into disarray, and when you throw in a few events with friends you've been neglecting? Well, blogging time falls to zero.

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