Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Rocky Mountain Mike CPAC Twofer

CPAC 2014 is over, and managed to mostly garner negative attention, from what I could see. While some liberals lament the lack of a counterweight to the confab, I'm really not sure we should aspire to one. Yes, it's baffling that with this clown car of candidates and "stars," some are predicting Republicans to enlarge their numbers in the House and Senate (with a risk of them actually taking the Senate, which is horrifying). But I don't think that's even a little bit because of CPAC.  I think that's the fault of the political pendulum, a two-party system, and an American public that can't seem to vote for their best interests. Well, that and redistricting, gerrymandering, gutting the Voting Rights Act. . . But enough of that for now. Let's celebrate the end of another CPAC with a twofer comedy pack by Rocky Mountain Mike!


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