Sunday, March 9, 2014

Blast from the Past: Snacks of Yesteryear!

Today, I had a lapse in my diet. The Other Half and I were sniping at each other yesterday (home improvements can lead to that!), and I was feeling a little off. So, after I got him a battery for his watch (third store I tried) while he's away, I rationalized that I deserved some Raising Cane's chicken fingers! Don't ask me how that tracks, because I don't really know. Just go with it.

Consequently, I'm off the diet with both feet for the day. And it got me to thinking about snacks. Which does totally make sense. So, here's this week's topic. I'm sure it's a place I've visited before, maybe even recently. And I will return to it again. Probably the next time I'm feeling grouchy!

1. Pringle's New Fangled Potato Chips (1968)
2. Lay's Potato Chips (1960s) - with Buddy Hackett

3. Frito's Corn Chips (1970s) - "Muncha buncha Frito's go with lunch!"
4. Keebler Tato Skins (1980s) - "Baked potato appeal!"

5. Chex Cereal Party Mix (1992) - The Peanuts gang make the mix before it was pre-bagged.
6. Planters Cheez Balls (1980s) - The Cheez Curls were better, IMO.

7. Orville Reddenbacher's Pop Corn & "Buttery-flavored Oil" (1982)
8. Rice Krispies Treats (1980s) - Again, before they were pre-packaged.

9. Idaho Potato Sticks (1979) - It's Leif Garrett, and it's Japanese!
10. Ritz Crackers (1977) - Andy Griffith: "Goooood cracker!"

And that's enough nibbles. Back on the diet with me, and you guys too! Happy Monday, enjoy your extra hour of evening light!

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