Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Gay Thing: Michigan Gay Couples Have Marriages "Suspended"

While it is true that I never dreamed as a gay kid in the 70s and 80s that I'd ever be legally married (unless it was a sham marriage to a woman, which I could barely imagine), I also never imagined that a legally married couple could have their marriage "suspended."

This is now the third state where same-sex marriage has become legal, only to have a "stay" put in place, because, horrors, the gays will bring Armageddon don'cha know? Except that we've been getting legally married in the United States now for ten years, to no ill effect. Unless conservatives want to switch from President Obama to gays for everything negative in the country. Wouldn't put it past 'em.

Michigan's jackwagon Governor, Rick Snyder,
image from source, Think Progress.
Anyway, I was half of one of those couples who got married in California in 2008, and was once in much the same position. Married for four months, then in limbo, then married legal in California, but in a little pocket universe where no new marriages could happen. And five years later, we were fully legal again, and right after, legal federally. But not in my home state of Ohio or adopted state of Nevada (though there are lawsuits with a good shot of fixing that in both states). And right after federal recognition, Utah had a brief window of legal marriages that was also stayed. In that case, Utah's recognition is withheld, but they get federal recognition too. So, I've got to think the same will happen here.

Ultimately, I think most people think this will all be in the rear view within a couple of years. Barring some incredible change in momentum, and some really twisted legal reasoning from SCOTUS, marriage equality is coming to the fifty, nifty United States. And, if I end up stunned that this doesn't come to pass, the worst case scenario is that at minimum, the 17 states (plus any other stragglers that get through) will still be legal. Either way, it's here to stay. So, I just wish these ridiculous, pointless stalling tactics would just end.

Michigan To 322 Married Same-Sex Couples: Recognition Of Your Marriages Is ‘Suspended’

Following Tuesday’s decision by Sixth Circuit staying the marriage equality ruling in Michigan, Gov. Rick Snyder (R) announced that the 322 couples that legally married Saturdaywill have their rights suspended as the case proceeds. . .

Read more at: Talking Points Memo

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