Monday, March 31, 2014

What Happens in Vegas: Chris Christie Kisses Sheldon Adelson's. . .Ring?

Sheldon Adelson, elderly casino tycoon, is something of a kingmaker in the Republican Party. Why? He's obscenely wealthy, and he's highly motivated (for reasons I can't really grasp) to make himself even more obscenely wealthy than he already is, through policy. Like the Koch Brothers and a handful of other rich, white, elderly billionaires, enough is never enough. They think they're going to take it with them, I guess. And of course, they want no "death tax," so that their progeny can be obscenely wealthy without having to pay any taxes on it.

The big guy. Image from source, The Raw Story.
But back to the kingmaker part. The odd thing about Adelson's blessing even being necessary, is that Adelson's near entire slate of benefactors lost in the last election. His billions couldn't buy the election after all, amazingly enough. So, why should it work this time? And Chris Christie? Isn't his goose well and thoroughly cooked as a candidate by now? But they're going to keep trying.


Chris Christie woos conservative mega donor Sheldon Adelson at Vegas GOP forum
Six minutes into a speech yesterday to the Republican Jewish Coalition that marked the opening of his comeback tour, Gov. Chris Christie received a sign. Sheldon Adelson, the GOP mega donor whose bankbook can launch a presidential campaign, conspicuously entered the ballroom at the posh Venetian hotel, sat front and center and listened to the governor pitch himself as a leader who can win. At the end of Christie’s 40-minute speech and question-and-answer session, Adelson joined the standing ovation. . .

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